Z-Ridge prices

Hi guys I live in Oklahoma and I’m wondering what a bundle of Elk Z-Ridge should cost. No labor . My F-ing roofer put a 40 year Elk roof on and put starter shingles(differnt brand) on for my ridge cap, which doesn’t even match the rest of the roof in color or match. How many feet of ridge comes in a bundle and is their any cutting involed other than at the ends of a run? I’ve got about 220 feet of ridge on my roof.

In my area Elk and GAF have merged and since then the Z ridge has been discontinued. More than likely your roofer found a deal on the ELK’s but perhaps couldn’t secure ridge. You could try to color match with the GAF/ELK Timbertex ridge.

I did a couple roofs with the Elk Z ridge and thought it was the most poorly made ridge on the market.

I think 30ft came in the Z ridge bundles and I know 20ft come in the Timbertex bundles. What you could always do is bring a piece of shingle down to a shingle supply house and try to match ridge. If you had to you could always go with another brand of ridge.

Hip roof or gable roof?

BTW, starters for ridge is almost as bad as the roof put on recently by a friends sisters boyfriend. He was told and paid to put starters on a whole roof!!!