Your thoughts


Seen some roofers putting on 30yr fiberglass shingles with NO underlayment on,whats your thought on that?Me, i see some problems down the road,just from shingles sweating to start with! :shock:


I forsee delaminated plywood!



I thought that was pretty common in "Canada.

never seen any problem on roofs I tore off that did not have felt.

Never ween shingles sweat. They vent themselves.


They do it all over out here WV. That extra protection is gone I think it’s a bad idea.


I’ve heard it’s standard procedere in canada. Felt the bottom 3 feet and that’s it. :shock:


is felt not a vapor barrier?


wouldn’t that void the warranty on the shingles?


Yes it does void the warranty. It also is a code violation. the roof only has a class A fire rating with felt as part of the system as well. Its just plain non caring jackassery. Felt is the roofs last layer of defence from wind driven rain. Those that dont use it are fools.


The only roofs ive torn off without felt was asphalt shingles before the fiberglass,yes all fiberglass calls for underlayment because fiberglass SWEATS,and up here in canada we use felt.


Fiberglass sweats? Where does the sweat come from? As I have seen, roofing is so close to the ambient temperature that there would be no real thermal differential for shingles to condense water.


the fact remains.
many people on earth do not use underlayment.
they’re not crazy, just dont use it. dont need to.
for whatever reason(s).

they’re not worried about warrantys because they void when the wind blows and because no one is coming out to fix it, when somethin goes wrong, but them.

so i try to pay attention to the question.

do i need to use felt? no
should i use felt? yes



man its like you yanks are 20yrs back or something,osb over plywood,who needs felt,anything else ya dont do?!?


So I guess all the building codes are BS right ? or maybee you guys are just too cool to follow any kind of roofing standards. pretty funny though.





Who’s too cool?Canadians or Kage’s company?


I just think its kinda funny when anyone who would profess that they are a roofing professional and then bash the building code , manufacturers specs,industry standards and common sence. Its like the old saying goes “that its better to let people think your a fool than to run you mouth and remove any doubt”.


Thats what im asking you guys,read the last few threads that you all answered with


Every Canadian province has its own building codes.There are certain shingles that the manufacturer requires felt only at the eaves(t-locks).I would never apply a roof without covering the entire deck.I have heard some stories from other provinces that are similiar to what you guys speak of.Not all Canadians are created equal,lol.


same with yanks,like i said asphalt no felt,fiberglass always felt