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I did torch modfi roof on strip plaza anyway i passed inspection from the city i got a call they had a leak now its been 5 weeks since i finshed the job and one month since i passed inspection in the mean time they had a hvhc guy install a new Ac unit and lowerd another one to the point that its almost flat on the roof i dont know if they messed my flahing up i cant see it now what i can see is that they left screws nails that they have steped on and on top of that another roofer was up on the roof pulling my seams apart they came up there with a trowel and started to shove it under my seams or trying to anyway my point is did the void my warranty by being up on the roof with out someone from my company up there i mean can you just go up on another guys roof and start putting pentration in it Like i said i have county inspection from city houston i told the owner of the building that she void my labor warrany am i wrong and the leak was from vent stack that someone removed and rain came in


If they didn’t give you the opperutenty to fix the roof and then had another roofer work on it I would say the warranty is void.Thats how most guarantees work.


What are you doing down in my neck of the woods?

To answer your question, it all depends on you. You can opt out of the contractor’s warranty in areas where others “worked on” your roof. It does not get you off the hook totally, but it does with regard to damage caused by others.

Where in Houston are you working? What about the manufacturer’s warranty? Was the other roofing contractor approved by the manufacturer?


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The owner should have called you when the hvac unit was installed to make sure they did not damage the existing roofing.


thats why i have secertary do most of my paper work i can write a contract better than i can type it mind goes faster than i can type sorry


We were supposed to meet today the owner of the building her roofer and me he was on the roof the day before i found out because one of the tennants told me when i got there today that her roofer was up on the roof yesterday


I got lost part way through that. No spaces, periods, commas, or anything. Sorry, I couldn’t understand it.


We put it writting. Warranty is void if they have another contractor on the roof. PERIOD!


a/cs have to be a certain height off the roof deck
i do beleive.