You dont what the hell your talking about


First of all we are talking about illegal not legal not legal spanish people i don’t care if your black brown green just as long as you are legal i tried to stick up for the guy i said if he is legal give him a break then he said on this site that white and black people are lazy that what pissed me off seond of all your point about the work force are wrong case in point in george the raided a meat packing plant and caught 300 illegals working there and took them away the next day the had three application for jobs from Americans the next day you know what they wanted to be paid fair and health care boy thats alot to ask for you don’t have a clue your a idiots the illegals are killing the working man and women black and white and brown the lower the stanard of living take away from our tax base mexico number import is us dollars sent home from illegals working here thats all money leaving this country and you wonder why things are so fucked up in the us everyone can not work for the goverment and state you need manufacturing jobs you need a tax base just because ther country is shit dose not give them the right to break our laws and fuck up our way of life


I read the post 3 times before I realized that you are typing in a foreign language. Can anyone fluent in gibberish please give an english intreperation to the first post.


ok dr. please allow me to translate: what he means is all of us natural born americans need to wake up and realize just how much damage the illegals are doing.I call you an illegal if you came here with the intention of working and sending or taking the money back to Mexico?.Those dollars need to stay here in our economy,just like the big oil did,they took are money and left us with nothing.I have roofed my entire adult life and have many times been told that we only hire hispanics or hispanic crews! WHY? is it price,quality,skill? I am from Kansas City and there are very few white roofers left,they think they have drove us out but they are wrong.I know most every roofing contractor in KC and am not affraid to name those who only hire illegals,which I think would be a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Listing the contractors by name may get there attention. Posting on this site ranks high with the search engines.


im sure, he wants 20 mexicans ,showing up at his door step ,he would make a great piniata