Yard signs

Im wondering how much success other roofing contractors have had with putting up a customized yard sign in a customers yard.

Is there an etiquette that goes along with this kind of advertising? Im wondering how often a homeowener rejects this idea, or if its usually not an issue for most homeowners.

Im planning on purchasing 10 plastic corrugated custom designed yard signs to start with before my busy season approaches. Im looking for opinions from other contractors about this method of advertising.

its free advertising. keep the signs simple and easily readable from a distance. try to just put the company name and phone# and maybe your logo. bold black on white works well. if you are in good with a manufacture they will give you free signs.

if you put too much info…it will look like a blob from cars going by.

i don’t ask h/o if i can, i just say" i’m going to put a sign in your yard to let your neighbors know to expect some commotion. Also it will let me supplier know where to deliver the materials."

make them think it is normal practice (which it is). But obviously its to our benefit for free advertising.

My customers are more than happy to let me put my sign in there yard, espcially after the install. Most will leave it there till I come and get it sometimes a month or better.

As Marshall said simple is better.

I started using them a couple years ago, and they defiantly pay for themselves. Same with magnetic signs on the side of my truck. Defiantly go through your supplier to purchase these things. I pay $14 a yard sign, and $20 for truck signs, verses 50-60 a sign from a sign company. I think Marshall summed it up when he said simple is better, mine have company name in big bold letters at the top, then in a bit smaller font they say “complete home remodeling and repair” then in big bold font my phone number, this way neighbors, and passer by’s know that I do more then roofing.

yard signs are great free advertising for sure. I just picked up an order of one hundered at eight dollars per sign. They do generate good leads. the free ones from the manurfactures suck. who the hell wants the thing cluttered with there logo?