Yard signs/HOA battle


I’m having a problem with Home owners association writing up my upcoming Re roofs for “advertising” I have checked the HOA by laws with nothing to help. People can have their school support, lawn fertilizer, and political yard signs… suggestions please???


Just add “vote for me” to the signs. To be serious though, do you have any clients that are on the HOA board? They could help.


Not that I know of. I’m thinking of just not buying yard signs anymore. Its annoying


That restriction is pretty common. It most likely is one resident that doesn’t care for the advertising or is a competitor. Usually, there is an equal ban on the other signs you see.


I have a “no roofing signs” restriction in my neighborhood. We do plenty of my neighbors’ roofs and NEVER put a sign out. Why? Because that is the HOA rule.

Of course, my competitors put their signs out any way. They flat don’t give a @%#*.

Do I call the HOA on the competitor that insists on putting his sign out even though they are well aware that they aren’t allowed to that per HOA guidelines? You bet I do.

Not sorry one bit.


Just do a top notch job, keep the jobsite clean, be respectful of the neighbors, and anyone interested in a roof will ask there neighbor for a reference.

We have one neighborhood in particular full of huge slate houses, no signs allowed, but after 10 years we do work for 50% of the people who live there. Doing the best job is the most important part. WOrd of mouth is a million times better than a sign that any unlicensed, uninsured moron can buy, espically in tight nit communities where everybody talks.


This is true. Good work beats advertising.


Pretty common around my service area. Some allow signs, but have to be in the CIA colors. Others ban service co. signs. I just make sure the box truck, with the 8x12 signage, is on that job for several days.