I am sure some of you use this. I would like to start a thread on Items I have found you may have left out.
D&R skylights charge for this. D&R gutters when replacing drip edge charge for this. D&R electrical service when installing siding charge for this. Always watch the warranty of the shingles adjusters like to call out 20 year even if they are 30 year (CertainTeed Horizon Shangles) as one example call them out on this.
Bring your pitch gauge the steeper the pitch the more they pay. 2nd story ask them what their guide lines are.
Please add your items.



Actually, you should argue that out of warranty skylights should be replaced completely when doing a roof replacement. Not all will pay, some will. The replacement cost includes the flash kit and labor.

There are 3 potential steep charges (7-9/12 is STEEP), (10-12/12 is STEEP>) and (over 12/12 is STEEP>>).

When in doubt on second story, error on counting it as second story (HIGH). Will generally pay it.

Always include step flashing for all roof to sidewall areas, most will pay it.

I put in for anywhere from 500 to 2,000 SF of Tarp protection for Homeowner garage door and landscaping protection. Depends on size of the house. Some will pay it.

Satellite detach and reset.



dont forget dumpster fees. i always need a 30 or 40 yard.

also, non access charges if you cant get the dumpster right up against the house.



I have had no problems getting approval for the following line items: GUTTER INSTALLATIONS

SCFLJ (Two ladders with jacks and planks) for gutter installations.

PNTGUTG (Prime & Paint for gutters) just in case gutters need to be painted.



[quote=“Agape”]dont forget dumpster fees. i always need a 30 or 40 yard.

also, non access charges if you cant get the dumpster right up against the house.[/quote]

Agape, perhaps it is different down your way. Around here, the “majors” won’t pay for the dumpster fee for a roof replacment. They say it is built into the off number.

I am curious about the “non access charges” you refer to. Is that a line item in Xactimate I’ve missed or how do you go about charging for that? Have you had success getting the big guys (I guess I don’t know who the big guys are your area, here that would be State Farm) to pay it?




[quote=“Agape”]dont forget dumpster fees. i always need a 30 or 40 yard.

also, non access charges if you cant get the dumpster right up against the house.[/quote]

Agape, perhaps it is different down your way. Around here, the “majors” won’t pay for the dumpster fee for a roof replacment. They say it is built into the off number.

I am curious about the “non access charges” you refer to. Is that a line item in Xactimate I’ve missed or how do you go about charging for that? Have you had success getting the big guys (I guess I don’t know who the big guys are your area, here that would be State Farm) to pay it?[/quote]

the good news, is most of the “majors” like state farm, (excluding farmers) dont even use xactimate, so you can just add a “misc item” and type in whatever you want, and charge whatever you want. :slight_smile:

i add in all kinds of charges (as long as they are valid) and when you ask for 2 story, steep>, no access, 40 yard dumpster, and scaffolding… you may not get all 5 of the lines, but i can usually negotiate 3 or 4 of them.

oh man, and i clean UP on emergency repairs!!!



In Xactimate the tear off is included in RFG ARMV and State Farm uses that software.

In version 26 there is a line item for access. It is RFG ACCESS? It’s used when you can’t get your trailer close to the side of the house that the roof is being torn off. I’m sure there are other circumstances but this being the most common.

If the adjuster isn’t familiar with Xactimate then you may be able to add the dumpster. MSB and Simsol have the dumpster broken out.

Hope this helps



Hi, my name is Ranch Hand Roofing & I approve of this thread. No electrons were harmed in the typing, transmission or reading of this document.

Do a favor, guys… let’s keep this clean & straight.

If in Xactimate (it’s the only one I use) please provide both the “Cat” (category) & “Sel” (selection) as well as “Act” (activity, i.e. replace, install only, material only, etc).

Some items that are roofing related aren’t under the roofing sub-category, such as carpentry & siding work required for a cricket removal & replacement.

I haven’t attempted to go after any garage tarping & wonder if you are line iteming this or if it has an actual code embedded somewhere in there.

I am also finding myself inches away from useless when it comes to doing the sketch / drawings; if any of y’all can point me towards a tutorial on this, I’d be happy to learn (haven’t been able to figure it out on my own or find info within the system).

Another item is the voice / speech system. A friend has that active on his system (he’s been into it for 2+ years & I’m relatively new, i.e. 4 months now).



RanchHand, it appears you would benefit from an Xactimate training session. Xactimate certainly isn’t the most intuitive software app I’ve ever used.

One thing that may help you is to have a number of already written Xactimate estimates in front of you to learn from. If you wish, I’d be happy to send you a few so you could see the line items. Just private message me here with your email address.

90% of the line items you need for a roof are in the rfg category. If you run into an item that isn’t, click on the left pointing arrow in the category box. That will open the smart list window. In the upper right hand corner, you will see a drop down button which has all P.L. categories or all P.L. items. If you click on all P.L. items, then hit your F2 button, you will get a searchable list of items in another pop up window. Type in a search word and it will step you through items with that search word. For example, try “tarp”, or “skylight” or “satellite”.

If you want to talk over the phone sometime, I’d be happy to give you a few minutes to help get you on the right track.




I can do a ‘basic’ kind of sketch, but there are some things I’m having a hard time with such as modifying a specific measurement if a gable roof isn’t 100% symmetrical, etc.

As to how to find the right selection item, I am OK with this; it’s some items that you don’t find under roofing (& you think should / would be there) that give me fits.

I’ve for more than a few adjustments that area already done in Xactimate; one thing I really REALLY would like to know is how to turn ON where the Cat & Sel feature are showing up in the final printed / .pdf version of my estimate.





RH, good luck with drawing the non-symetrical roofs. Perhaps I simply don’t know how to do it but I haven’t found a good way to sketch them. I’ve asked a number of Adjusters as well and haven’t found anyone that does. I patch in flat roof segments when I run across these. After all, what you’re really trying to do is determine the number of squares, not create a piece of art.

I am not sure I understand your print question. When you click on print to print a report, the print window comes up. Under the print options tab, you get to check which items get printed for that report type. About 1/4 of the way down, you have Report: with a drop down box to the right of it where you select the report type you want. Are you selecting final draft?



Ranch are you talking about a salt box roof profile?



Let me know if you need assistance with salt box roof profile. There is just a handful of steps required.



When you write “non-symmetrical” I assume that you are talking about a gable roof with unequal sides.

If this is the case, draw your basis gable roof.

Let’s say that one side is 15’ gutter to ridge and the other is 20’ gutter to ridge. You will draw this in sketch with each side being 17’6".

Then do the following:

1). Click on the gable roof that you are working on and this will open the roof properties.

2). Click on the **dimensions **tab.

3). Find the Measure drop down box.

4). Change the measure box from Slope to Rafter Length

5). Change your rafter lengths to reflect the two sides of the roof. Make sure they add up correctly.



How do you know what the pitch is for both slopes?
This method would work if the pitch of both slopes wasn’t a concern. ‘
I would add 5ft elevation to both eave heights. Since the original slope length was 17’6" and the new slope length is 20’

This is the way that I do it. I’m sure there are several other methods but this is quick after a few times.
This method will give the correct slope on both sides wether they are the same slopes or different slopes.

In this example the front slope will be 20’ with a 6/12 pitch. The rear slope will be 12’ and 4/12 pitch. and the house is 2 stories.

  1. Grab a gable roof.
  2. Raise the eave heights to 9’.
  3. Put a 6/12 pitch and drag the slopes to 20’.
  4. Click on the properties and toggle from slope to rise and run. Write down the ridge height example (26’) Put this roof aside for now.
  5. Grab a shed roof and adjust the eave heights to 9’
  6. Put the ridge height from the gable roof (26’) on the left elevation and adjust slope length to 20’
    The front slope is completed…
  7. Using the roof in step 1 adjust the pitch to 4/12 and shorten the slope length to 12’.
  8. The ridge height is already known (26’).
  9. Write down the ridge height on the 4/12 roof example(5’). Put this roof aside again.
  10. Grab a shed roof and put the left elevation at 26’ and the right elevation the difference in the ridge height 21’. and drag the roof to 12’
  11. The rear slope is completed…
  12. Slide the front and rear slopes together.
  13. Roof completed.
  14. Delete the gable roof.

I may have missed some small steps because I haven’t done one of these in a while.

I hope this helps.



Guys, I’m going to try & go over your posts @ a later moment. It’s dang near 0200 & I JUST got home from San Antonio about 1/2 an hour ago…

A looooong story; shoulda been back here by 2200 or so @ the latest. Involves the little boy (he’s 2.5 yrs now) burfing up his dinner & us having to buy a new car seat @ Wally World so we could safely make the trip back to Austin (after having to stop by Mom’s & unload 6 bags of horse grain & 4 of chicken feed).

As to the ‘non symmetrical’ :?:, yes… to some of the commentary ^. Simple gable, one slope @ say a 7:12 for 30 ft. & the other slope is a 5:12 for 40 ft.

As to the info showing on the final report, I have seen some adjuster’s reports in the past that will show the “Cat” & “Sel” instead of only the description & calculations. Maybe I can track down an example somewhere.

Thanks, guys… will try to check back in on this when time permits. For now, I need to download some pics to my computer & then upload a portion of them to PhotoBucket for the house I looked @ today down in Alamo Heights.



Thanks for posting everyone, this is helpful to those that use it or want to.
I found a book made by an adjuster that I think is great it steps you through xactimate. learnxactimate.com/index.html

I went through training class but I find this book more useful and he will answer your calls with any questions.

Having said that I also find that most adjusters do not know what a kickout flashing is. On xactimate it’s called Flashing-Kick-out diverter FLKICK it is a building code in my area xactimate pays $39.80 “BUT” that is for a new roof without siding installation that’s easy. We do mostly re-roofs so I add a 2 hour labor charge each for cutting siding and installing. Roofer-General laborer-per hour LABL at $38.44.



I try to have 12-14 line items per roof replacement. Some are more and some are less.

Yesterday I got the paperwork from a home owner of an estiamte written in Simsol. I have to say they pay more than Xactimate. Some items are less and some are more.

8 line items $500 per square. I honestly told the home owner more than likely I won’t be able to write an estimate as high as the adjuster.

Last week got an estimate from an adjuster for a big insurance company and figure he must have been paid on commission. After the O/H and P which the claim had no interior work he added $1,400 for misc expenses.

On the roof there’s about 2 squares of copper roof which he paid $7,500 for. The copper roof is in small panels. Anybody know the real world price for this?



Hey Authentic_Dad

Your posts have been the most helpful. I’m just learning how to deal with insurance after a windstorm hit our area. I’ve been googling and going through this site and cant find these answers so I was wondering if you could help me out.

How much does exactimate add for 2nd story charge and is it anything over 15’?
How much is the exactimate pricing for starter strips? (Albany NY area or any area)

Do you give away or sell that supplement list you mentioned somewhere? I can’t find the real good list of all these hidden gems you guys keep mentioning. This first claim I’m dealing with has left out tons of work and it’s taken me around 5 hours so far to get it halfway there.



Xactimate rates vary depending on the market you’re in so I cannot answer your question. I can tell you there are Xactimate line items for High charges and Starter Strip.

I created two web apps. One is a waste calculator that expands on the Excel Waste Calculator I’ve used for over 9 years and have given out to hundreds of contractors across the country. The other app is a supplement tool. You can look at both at Link to Restoration AI Web Apps Feel free to try it, the first one is free.

I provided a Supplement Training Class to about 15 different contractors in 2018. I’ve been asked by several people if I would do another one. It would be a one day class that covers proper estimating and supplementing for $750. You’d pay that investment back with your first claim. If I’m going to do that, it would need to be in the next 2 or 3 weeks.