Xactimate tile roof options


We are in the middle of a hurricane roof damage claim. Our GC has generated several quotes with wildly different cost for roofing material…line number 1. We currently have an S style slurry coated cement tile.
What are the options for this type of tile and why would the cost per SQ vary so much from quote to quote? We know what the raw tile cost is per square but the estimate is 4X the tile cost. I was under the impression that the costs were defined in the software and that any adjustments would be buried in the supplemental claims. I understand that there are 2 games being played here but am trying to understand the “rules”
Thanks for the input and guidance.


There is much more involved with a tile roof install than just purchasing the tile . 4x the cost is a realistic starting point. Best advice I can give you in to bring in a reputable roofer That specializes in tile roofs. Most GCs and their subs have no clue what they are doing with speciality roofing.