Xactimate Shingle Quality (Selector) Rating


Does any have a spreadsheet/matrix that lists brands, shingle type, limited lifetime, 30 yr, 40 yr etc, against what they should be listed in Xactimate?

Although an overall chart would be very handy, currently I am trying to determine what GAF American Harvest shingles should be listed under Xactimate. The insurance company is listing as RFG300, which is too low for the significant additional cost over Timberline HD.



you can email Xactimate at pricing@xactware.com to get an answer but they will not send you a list.


You can always supplement for the price difference between the regular shingle price and the HD shingle price and send photos - this will get the job done for you.


Nationwide does not dispute that the homeowner has GAF American Harvest shingles but they will only give RFG300. I have an email from Xactimate that they consider this type of shingle to be RFG400. They say it is company policy to pay ony RFG300. They say I can buy the shingles at Lowes for a cheap price. I checked Lowes and the low shingle price, which is closer to RFG400 than RFG300, is for ground delivery!! Lowes price for rooftop delivery is closer to RFG500!! I showed them a written estimate from Lowes showing this, but they still maintain they are following company policy and will only give RFG300. The homeowner called Nationwide and they indicated they are following company policy!! The ho got the supervisor’s phone number and asked me to call. The supervisor has not returned my numerous phone messages that I have left. They also refused to pay for step flashing, chimney flashing and other things.


If you can’t get the supervisor to call you back then call and get his supervisor’s number. You have to just keep taking it up the chain of command. They are obligated to pay for what is up there with like kind and quality. As far as flashing, I usually do not ask for R&R unless the flashing is damaged or rusted (this is code, you are not allowed to reuse damaged or rusted flashing when replacing a roof - 2015 IRC 1511.5), instead I bill for INSTALL ONLY for step flashing…Replacement is 7.74, but install only is 6.39 - not much of a difference. I have never been turned down on this. I put the following note on that line item: Allowance for LABOR ONLY to reinstall existing undamaged step flashing during installation of new roof.

As far as the shingles, the homeowner is entitled to what is up there - keep them involved and copy them on any email correspondence. The homeowner has to be on board with fighting for this since it is their policy.