Xactimate Pricing removal rates and removal of pipe jacks are included in shingles

Have any of y’all checked xactimate detail on pipe jacks, roof vents, and turbines? It says that they are now included in the removal of the shingles!!! Has anyone else came across this.

do y’all change defaulted demo rates to reg?

Which shingle line items are you referring to? I don’t see anything about pipe jacks, vents, etc being included in the removal, only shingles & felt and I have went through all the descriptions.


They all say “the vent removal would generally be done with the shingle removal line item and this vent removal item would not be needed”, under the note of Click for Detail.

Oh, you are up under the item itself.

Includes: Galvanized metal or plastic roof jack and installation labor. Labor cost to remove pipe jack and to discard in a job-site waste receptacle.
Quality: Fits 3/4" to 4" vent pipe.
Green: LEED considers metallic pipe jacks to be green for being manufactured with a minimum of 25% recycled product.
Note: This removal activity is intended to be used when the pipe jack flashing only is being removed for disposal. If the pipe jack flashing is being removed along with the shingles on the same roof slope, the pipe jack flashing removal would generally be done with the shingle removal line item and this removal item would not be needed. Ultimately, it is up to the estimator and/or parties involved to determine what line items are appropriate for the specific situation they are estimating.

I always refer back to the shingle removal which states removal of shingle & felt only. Then I explain to the adjuster that removing roof shingles & felt is much faster than removing vents, flashing, pipe jacks & it takes more time, which is additional labor. Our crews are paid by the square, any additional items removed, i.e. vents, flashing, etc. are paid as such to remove. It is an argument I am willing to have w/ the adjuster/claims rep as it is the appropriate required labor.


Its good to see that someone else pays their crews for removing each pipe boot and such. It is additional time. And the Ventt, Flpipel, etc states “Generally” and is “up to the estimator”

We do things correct Mr adjustor and we pay our people accordingly. If it takes more time, more time is accounted for. Stop screwing the little guys because the insurance companies want to protect their stock holders on wall street.

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