Xactimate Estimate Example


I began roofing when I was still in high school. Summer job that paid for my first truck. When I would tear off, especially three tab, I would rip off layers and go back to get the nails later. Having vents, pipes, etc just took more time. This is where the additional “remove” cost comes in. Take a straight gable roof with no accessories and a straight gable roof with 10 accessories. Which will take you more time? Of course you can justify this, if you are being fair and reasonable.

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Xactimate updates their prices on a monthly basis


its nice to see explanations for R&R’s, and the starter and ridge line item explanations…beautiful!

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i do my supplements the same way. Make a separate category for my supps! glad i am not the only one, just started doing it out of convenience lol

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i noticed you posted examples from both xactimate and roofsnap. Do you use both softwares, or do you prefer one over the other? i need to start a software asap, but not sure which one to go with.


They are two different products. RoofSnap is used to sketch the roof to determine the roof area and other takeoffs. Xactimate is an estimating software. We get most of our numbers for the Xactimate estimate from the RoofSnap Sketch Report.