Xactimate Estimate contest?


To ReroofGA… thanks for posting your estimate. There are several of the line items you listed that I now use as standard on all my estimates. Recently had an adjuster tell me he had never in 20 years seen that used and I was able to tell him that I know other roofers that use it consistently.

Between that and some of the other items I borrowed, I bumped the claim several thousand dollars.

I would love to see some of the other estimates.
The more all of us are consistently using legitimate items to properly value the claim, the more it helps all of us.

Thanks again for posting yours.



We want to see the estimates please.


like all others requesting this…can you please tell us where to go to view the estimates!!!

I am very serious about learning all i can. I already do alot of things i have seen in this forum that I just thought of on my own and am realizing i am actually doing everything right! Would love to see these estimates to see if there is anything else i might be leaving off of my supplements.

This is my 3rd year in this business and i have come a LONG way…because i LOVE what i do!!! The feeling you get when you accomplish getting what your entitled to is indescribable. BUT above all, being able to take care of your homeowners with no worries is even a better feeling!!!

My email is hlroofing@yahoo. If you would be so gracious to send everyone’s estimate over to me i would truly appreciate it!!!


Long time stalker. First time poster. Lol. Where can I find the estimates? Somebody pm please. :smiley:


I am writing my first Xactimate Hail Claim for a SF insured that includes roof, windows, and even deck handrailing. I would really appreciate all the tips I can get on how to maximize the claim. How can I access the estimates?


I’ve worked for fairly large roofing company for the past five years, and with the local branch shutting down i was fortunate enough to start my own roofing company. We deal mostly with Insurance work and ive been realizing the importance of Xatimate and supplements.

Is there any way to view these estimated that this thread is referring to??
Would really like to see a new perspective on what others are submitting for supplements. Recently read a thread that mentioned supplementing for a “General Site Cleanup” and got shut down from an adjuster stating that they could not pay for the supplement. Have somewhat been cautious about supplements since the supplement denial.

Thanks All!!


Will everyone be able to see the copies of the estimates?


How do you see the estimates?


The thread is over 3 years old.