Xactimate Estimate contest?


Anyone willing to enter a best estimate contest using Xactimate as the estimating platform?

The information gathered could greatly help all of us even if we just find 1 or 2 new line items for every new estimate we write…

What do you guys think?


Hail yes!


My money is on AD. :smiley:


I am flattered but before you go betting the farm, be careful. Alltex, and I’m sure many others here, are very competent guys. Sometimes I look at some of Ray’s estimates and it almost makes me feel sorry for the Adjuster. LOL


Ray, I think this could be a good idea and helpful to many people. I would be very interested in seeing other people’s style and ideas for writing estimates.

If you wanted, we could somehow pick an address somewhere and I could use Pictometry to get the takeoffs. I could capture that image and provide it to everyone along with all 4 elevation images. If your idea is for everyone to work off the same property, we could do it that way.


Yes that is my idea Xactly : )!!! Provide Dimensions and photos, work together with a few of us to set and agree on a way to grade the estimates and declare a winner based off of the best / highest average priced estimate based off of logic, code etc and justified by the photo documentation provided…


By the way if each of us only learned one new line item to apply to each and every estimate and that line item added $100.00 in profit to each roof completed from today forward it would be well worth it for everyone…


Perhaps I can throw my hat into this ring as well. I know I have a bunch of questions and comments that I have not responded to (blame old man winter dumping a freak amount of snow) but perhaps having an adjusters perspective might make things interesting too.

If you dont mind me joining in your reindeer games I can either put my best effort for a detailed estimate or write a control estimate that the judges can compare the others too.

Up to you :slight_smile:



We can all participate. I am sure we can all learn from this little contest. I don’t know about writing the control estimate, but we can and I would welcome your participation and or review after the fact. Your comments could help us to view line items from an adjusters perspective. Your comments could also help us come up with an appropriate arguement to get certain line items approved.

I will see what we can get together and let everyone know.


Perhaps propadjuster could be the official judge. Again, I don’t think the idea is as much in having a contest as it is for offering a sharing and learning exercise. I’m not the smartest guy in the world but put me in a room with the 10 smartest guys in the world for a month, I’ll at least be the 11th smartest guy in the world when that time is expired by learning all I can from the other 10.


Even though I don’t do insurance work I think this is a great idea.
There is no reason why anyone should have to fight or argue to get things like drip edge, cap, proper amount of waste, etc paid for to properly replace a roof.
You can’t do the job right without the proper material list.
We definitely need more money for a tall, steep roof, multiple layers, unusual difficulty, etc.


I’ll play if I can use my own estimating program…


We can send you the scope and let you write it up, but your pricing may not be in line with the market pricing chosen for the contest. I think we can all learn from this.


[quote=“ALLTEX Roofing”]LMB,
We can send you the scope and let you write it up, but your pricing may not be in line with the market pricing chosen for the contest. I think we can all learn from this.[/quote]

Let’s do it!


I’m game.


I almost have everything together.
Please PM me your Email Addresses so I can email the scope and photos.


I’m in.


sounds really cool!..thats awesome that you guys work as a team.

Are you guys sharing the results on the forum?..I wouldn’t be much of help by entering the “contest” but I’m looking forward to seeing the results and learning from you pros…I don’t do much insurance work , or deal with claims, but interested in learning a lil’ for when I do here and there in the future.


You can count me in. I’d like to participate.



I am in.