Xactimate and OSHA requirements, high roofs too


Any line items on Xactimate being left off the ins. scopes that we can include in our supplements etc . Scaffolding etc?
i.e. anything and everything related to residential roofs and HIGH roofs too.Got a Church to do and it’s close to God.



Lately because on new OSHA fall protection guidelines I have been able to get adjusters to pay additional with this sort of argument.

“Your quote doesn’t look like your taking into account new legal requirements for fall protection guidelines, in this is less then some previous figures we’ve gotten from your company”

What do you mean? Send them link to article explaining new Fall protection guidelines.

SO “how much extra money do you have in their for hooking up harness points, slowed production cost for labor etc?” We have a 20% production slow time on full harness jobs

We can always get them to add the labor hour equivalent because there is no other line item for this and as long as you have previous pricing that is around the same they are in a corner.




What kind of xactimate code would you use for that


Im looking for an xactimate code for safety for dealing with a 2 story roof temporary repairs. if there is anyone that can help with this i would greatly appreciate this