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I better get my eyes checked because I can’t read sh**. Besides fixing the text You need to add photos of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. This site has a little bit of the good the bad and the ugly.

Your web site is read so bad. Your site visit a few people , it`s to hard for read.

What they said, it is hard to read.

I agree, The two color background made it difficult to read.


The font is too tight, tell your web guys to open up the font spacing or change the font to a more “open” font.

Texans are lowest from of white males only jokeing. I have question why dont you use rubber or metal in your valleys and one more thing that picture of the last house you need drip edge you have a gap on the left side on the house other than that good luck

OK, if Meki can’t read it then you KNOW there has to be a problem (note: Gweedo only types like Meki even though he reads like the rest of us).

I’ll ignore that one, Mr. Jersey…

Now I’ll go check the site.

I am pretty sure he was joking Ranch.

That link is priceless though… :mrgreen:

Holy smokes, where to start?

As it comes off the top of my head & in agreement with a lot of the other guys.

1st, to NOT capitalize the “T” in Texas is a hangin’ offense right there. Find it & fix it. That is your first order of business.

Unlike others, I do like the Western / Texas theme but you have to space it out a bit; spread the logo & cluster of stuff near the top. It’s too jumbly.

Sentence structure & paragraphs. Look down @ your keyboard; see that “ENTER” button with the arrow? Use it from time to time. Also, “centered” isn’t always the best look. Try for justified.

Your 6th grade teacher was right: spelling DOES count.

On the topic of spelling: “U” vs. “you” is very juvenile. It make the site look like it was set up by a high school sophomore @ best (this coming from someone who uses @ vs. at, & vs. and)…

Your photos: “properly sealed plumbing vent”. I’ve seen plenty of 3 in 1’s / autocaulk pipe boots that fail in about 8 years but have yet to see a bad lead jack 30 years later (unless it was disturbed or improperly installed). Also, that pipe & boot was painted AFTER the shingles were laid around it & not before. Nice overspray there, champ.

I DO like that you have zinc strips installed under the ridge vent. That’s a very easy addition to a roof that will make it last a long time. Problem: It’s not under the hips or after the ridge vent stops, so you’re going to have a very odd looking roof as it ages what with one section clean & the other areas stained.

The list on the L side of the page should all be hyperlinks taking a viewer to the same information somewhere else on the page. It’s something that 99% of ALL pages provide & viewers come to expect it.

Rain gutters: the 1st photo looks like it was taken from the driver’s seat while inside a vehicle (notice the blurred A pillar interrupting the top L corner of the image?). Also, the photos should be in the center & more than a scuppered downspout.

Back to text: Fonts sometimes too large & takes up too much page space; bleeds all over the other text.

“We are not just roofing, we also specialize in siding…” A specialist is one type thing. The logic is flawed. “We are specialists in exterior repairs such as roofing, siding & gutters…” etc. works better than
"We are roofing specialists."
“We are siding specialists.”
“We are gutter specialists.”… etc.

Signs of a bad roof area: Nothing bad to report here; decent copy / paste from another resource.

Products area: The brands shown should be hyperlinks to the various manufacturers & directly to the consumer (not contractor) areas.

Painting: see the “siding” area above. Painting & siding should be under one heading if you’re going to use the same page once you click through.

That’s just a first impression, by the way.

thanks for yalls help i realized my main problem was i did not use a web friendly font i will work on the other stuff… all the rude comments that have nothing to do with the site are not called for lets keep it a positive site… not saying yall dont but having jesus in yalls heart but having him in my heart has helped me stay positive just try and stay positive… also thanks for all the advice though keep it coming