Wrap over at the ridge advice needed

Hi guys, on the last course of shingle at the ridge, do you guys wrap the shingles over the ridge only from one side to the other…or do you overlap both side meaning you would have a double layer of shingles going over the ridge, plus the ridge cap/shingles.

pretty sure its just one side over the other… same with the underlayment.

Just want to clarify

Thank you

If you have a ridge vent you need to cut it open, otherwise it doesn’t matter.

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Just regular roof vents.

I think he means the excess at the ridge. You can wrap it if you want but it wont mean any more extra protection. So little water hits the ridge. I just cut off the excess flush with the ridge and cap over it

The way i do it both sides of the hip and ridge get wrapped with underlayment.
( but its only required once)

The shingles wrap over the hip one time.
(But its not required)
The shingles wrap over the peak twice.
( but its not required)

With respect, that is absolutely false. There has been so much failure of ridge cap through the years it is very important to wrap courses over the ridge. Remember DuraRidge anyone? I agree that it is not a huge volume of water but if ridge fails and shingles aren’t wrapped over it will leak in a downpour.

When I tore the shingles off it was wrapped at least once and so was the underlayment.

Is there a min or max overlap I need to worry about so it wont interfering with the ridge caps and their alignment?

That said… once the ridge caps go on, am I worried about where the caps actually lay on the last course? meaning, obviously at the reveal or below… but how far below the reveal it might end up?

Wherever it falls…

Fantastic… thank you!

If I continue laying my shingles the way I am right now, My last chalk line will be approx 4.5" from the ridge. once I lay down my last course, there will only be a 1" overlap. Is this acceptable? Or should I start shrinking courses to compensate for the 1" so that my last chalk line will be 5-5/8" from the ridge and this way I can wrap the other half of the shingle over the ridge on the last course?

I already have the I&WS wrapped around twice.

And, what is the max overlap? 5-5/8"?


I did a house a while back that had 4 pcs of ridgevent that were never installed.

The slot was cut open and everything, it was this way for almost 20 yrs and the people insisted that it never leaked.

You are saying that after you install the cap,
You will only show a one inch reveal on the last run of shingles and that is fine.
If you would like to drop your last couple of lines a 1/4 - 1/2 inch, that is fine too.

Now as i lap over the ridge the second time
I like to fold it over the ridge about 3 inches or so. I dont want it to interfere with the bottom edge of the cap shingles or the nails that fasten them.
So i fold them over and usually still need to trim them with my knife.

Thank you for taking the time on a Sunday, have a great weendend