Would you pay for this?

I hired a GC to run some vents in my building. The plumber seems to have done a fine job from what I can see, but the “roofer” did some hack work. Looks to me like boots for a metal roof. Screwed down with sheet rock screws with some blackjack squirted around.

Am I wrong to make him come back and use a glue down boot designed for a rubber membrane, or is this acceptable?

No that is far from correct and now it will be harder to do it correctly to boot.

That looks like a thermoplastic roof as opposed to EPDM.

He is blaming the plumber. Says he threw those boots on incase it rained before the roofer got there. I hate when people assume I am as dumb as them.

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Gonna leak anyway, split in the roof on the upper left corner of flashing. What roof system is that?

could be white EPDM.

Looks like it might have a coating. See to the left of the boot, looks like a brush stroke.

Here’s the other boot.