Would It Be Helpful to Have Access to a GAF ELK Expert?

Would you guys find it useful to have a GAF ELK expert frequent this site for Q & A?

I have direct accsess to one. As it turns out, I usually know more about his products and warranties than he does, lol. I’m not happy with GAF since their ELK merger. The Certainteed people take way better care of me and quite frankly their products sell themselves. Thanks though.

You mean like

[quote=“Brian on a different thread”]One of our customer service reps would probably be better able to answer your warranty questions by phone and their contact information is:

I guess you mean having someone to answer questions on here who isn’t you?

Certainteed is not trying to pry into my wallett like GAF is. There contractor program is FREE ! That said I have been a loyal GAF contractor for many years and have installed thousands of squares of there products. It is about to change.

I can relate to that. I resigned my Master Elite status last year when my dues to GAF went from $2400 a year to over $7000 a year. Jay Butch at Certainteed is doing a great job developing the contractor program.

If you are indeed an expert, know your products and the warranties involved, it would be very helpful.

I have a question for you regarding Ruberoid.
What is the length of 1 roll of Ruberoid?
It is designed to be applied at 36" exposure with 4" laps, the roll is labeled as 1 sq coverage.
How long is it supposed to be?
How long is it really???
I know how long the rolls I receive are, they are less than 33’, consistently…

Another question.
Why do Timbertex bundles cover less than stated on the package?
It says 20’ per bundle, I consistently get less…

Why are there so many extra granules in a Timberline package?

Why does Shinglemate have a slippery surface?

What causes Timberlines to delaminate in the package?

Why do Timberlines have a “hump” in the nailing area?

When the laminate portion of the shingle hangs over the base of the shingle, is this a defect?

Just a few questions to get started with.
Welcome to the forum.

Its too bad that GAF is alienating there biggest supporters through greed. This is no ecomomy to start trying to screw your own loyal contractors.

Jim Bennette
J.Bennette Roofing inc
GAF ME#00058

…Meaning he’s been involved with your program for some time now.

I’d be interested to hear what GAF has to say.

You guys are correct I am not a product expert that’s why I am posing the poll question - my role with GAF is to build and maintain the web aspects of our business.

I’m exploring the idea of making someone available to listen to, respond to and react to your concerns.

There’s nothing left to explore. GAF has been called out.

brianlbaker - Why not have an expert, sign-up, start a thread announcing he is here for all questions. Would do GAF some good, and the rep would have a nice accomplishment to add to his resume.

There seems to be alot of questions already. Not having answers for them is doing no good. Only hurts GAF’s reputation.

I won’t use GAF.Have you ever seen the voids on the underside of their rubberoid app.

He’s the web developer, so I would assume the answer is “no”.