Workmanship? Redo brandnew CT landmark pro or repair? CT Warranty? Insurance?


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Apologizes in advance for writing a book but all details are important to understand timelines of issues which has over 20,000 thousand of my own money. Ty to anyone who can weigh in on this.

Just replaced my 11 yr old Owens 30 yr pro architectural with CT landmark pro architectural w/lifetime warranty with surestart for water leaks that occurred sometime between the two hurricanes in same month or at least part of it anyway. I’m not sure about one section.
Ceiling Leaks occurred in 4 rooms all on back side of home and water damage to a load bearing wall/floor in master bedroom/bathroom.
I first noticed a water spot in master bedroom which is on the front of house.
The ceiling is vaulted but I did not see signs of water in attic or roof so I patched the entire valley directly over damaged wall.
Two weeks later the floor buckled. I pulled up some flooring and it was Soaking wet pressed wood with mold and rot around the floor stud/joist and flooring edges. No damage on (laminate hardwood), Sheetrock or baseboards.

Called insurance and adjuster came out to look. He told me he could pay to help cover some parts of the damage but it wouldn’t justify the deductible 2500. He thought the roof looked good and nothing was wrong with it and assumed it had leaked where I patched it. He also thought leak had been going on for a while for it to rot the subfloor, which is 3/4 pressed wood and 1/2 OSB sub. He Denied it for seepage lasting longer than 14 days. He only looked in the damaged room and on top of roof.

A few days later after hiring a roof company to repair the area and reroof my detached garage as well. The roof contractor also said he couldnt find any damage to the roof when he looked at it and thought the roof was in good shape.
A few days later I discover even more water leaks on ceilings and in the attic along with two rotted spots that had been left from the previous roof which I was aware of.
I also found tree debris scattered along the fairly new insulation. It was evenly scattered below the entire length of both ridge vents. I do not have trees sitting next to my house except across the driveway which is a good distance.
I also found fresh water stains coming from the main roof down 4 rafters straight to my bedroom. I knew it had to be from the hurricanes and all the rain that we had.
I’ve also painted all my ceilings since the Owens roof and can see any new leaks from past ones.

I Called the insurance back and explained new situation. They said if your roofer can find any damage we will send another adjuster out and reconsider. My rep also had no knowledge of what the first adjuster had told me as far as helping with repair vs deductible.
I Called my roofer and explained everything. He came out after numerous times of trying to reach him, text and leaving messages. He finally did call me back and seemed more than happy to help.
He looked at the attic areas and supposedly the roof for a second time. I asked him to make sure the tarps was fastened back down after looking at everything and he said he would leave it the way he found it. I feel pretty dumb looking back bc I had to put those tarps down using a hammer and if he had looked I surly would have heard him putting it back. He did not find any damage. He did agree that the debris was from apparent hurricane winds as well as some of the other areas with water marks but kept trying to find where the roof was installed improperly and was conflicted over the rotted area in my kitchen. I did not pursue since I did not have his support.

When we talked about the details of redoing my home I specifically said anything that is rotted or moldy I want it replaced. I had already been sick from mold exposure and my daughter who has asthma couldn’t live here until I got everything under control and sealed off. He seemed to understand how important this new roof was to me and why I wanted anything bad removed and good workmanship done. He assured me that not only would he remove any and all bad wood but would take photos as well.

Contract included Drip edge, new boots, ice and water shield, upgraded felt, all new ridge vents and flashing plus wood and boards with additional fees along with workmanship warranty. He would be responsible for any permits and inspections as well.

They are certified to put CT down so that ensures my warranty will be valid. .

Day 1
He tells me I shouldn’t install drip edge if I’m going to wrap fascia which I am planning to do after roof installation. He said it’s better to wrap first then add drip edge. I have learned since then that it’s 3 times more than what he was going to charge.
Later that day I get a call saying worker stepped through kitchen ceiling and I needed to come home ASAP. After looking at it I tell him it’s not a big deal we can fix later. He agrees to take it off the end.

Day 2
The worker contradicted what the boss had told me by phone. Boss explained that the ridge vent on gable was all to blame for bedroom damage and improper installation. When I asked the worker directly he told me he found damaged shingles on main roof over the section where the 4 trusses showed water intrusion. He didn’t find any damage on gable and thought wind and rain had blown into the ridge vent.

Day 3
I started checking their work that morning before they finished up and found both rotted areas roofed over. The boss apologized and had them start working on it right away. Job wasn’t completed and ran into the next day. It starts raining that evening and didn’t not stop. The barrier they used was my left over plastic from the roof and was not correctly placed to prevent water intrusion.

Day 4.
They came out to secure plastic and clean up everything from the day before. All shingles from that day had been left laying in front and iback of house. They cleaned up but didn’t secure the barriers as promised. I ended up doing it myself the best I could after they left.

Day 5
After addressing more issues of recent repairs done incorrectly leaving rotted wood, exposed wood with no shingle or felt just flashing the inspector shows up. He asks me if I was aware these guys are working without a permit. He told me he should have inspected the roof before any shingles was ever put down. I’m done with these guys at this point. I did not say anything to anyone bc I was waiting for project manager/boss to call me. I never did get a call nor any acknowledgement of what had just happened.

They get the permit an hour later and finished everything quickly. Gathered their things and left.

I have siding damage along with deep ruts in my front yard, along with ceiling damage. I never got a call or explainion for permit issues. I walked the roof and found several areas that didn’t have any underlayment. The two areas they Repaired did not have felt placed back. The wood on one repair is not laying on a truss and lifted along the edge where it doesn’t lay flat from a bad cut.
I found several nails exposed as well as several areas without underlayment or it not coming to the edge of the wood and soft spongy places in front.

The shingles actually look really nice and pretty but I’m concerned with these other issues.

I held payment and the owner is now involved. He finally sent me the promised photos of the decking which I posted here.
One photo shows the entire sheet is black over a room with 3 known leaks. The entire gable over my bedroom is rotted and damaged with obvious signs of mold.

The bldg official and inspectior came out and failed the inspection. In the letter written he stated there was obvious other issues that needed addressed from photos I showed him and the places he could see easily did not pass inspection. He did ask if I had paid them and when I told him no he said “good”.

As of yesterday the owner came out and asked me to show him all my issues. Not once did he try to find or help me identify anything else. I’m not a professional roofer so I may not see things that a trained eye could. So I’m disappointed in that. At least 10 separate places I found with legitimate issues. Not including several nails that have to be pulled up. Seems like every time I go looking I find more stuff.

Is this acceptable? Should I be asking for a complete tear off?

I give credit to the owner for accepting responsibility on the known issues. He wants to make me happy and make it right. I only worry that if there is damage or wet wood that’s been roofed over and not found now will I have mold, rot or major damage later that he’s not going to pay for nor will the insurance for faulty work. The workmanship warranty only covers the roof portion. Will CT deny any possible claims in the future for finding faulty work underneath what we can’t see here?
I really don’t want to start over but I want the job done right.

I hope someone will have some advice or experience on some of this. I could really use some reassurance and direction.

If you make it this far in reading my book,

Thank you!



Paragraph breaks are your friend. I couldn’t focus enough to read everything in detail.

First thing I would do is find a competent roof company to come out and inspect your roof. Make a list of everything that is wrong and what needs to be done. Likely at least half replaced if not all. Did you check the roof you hired to see if they were insured? If so, you may have grounds to file a claim against their General Liability. That likely means you would have to file suit against them and they in turn would turn it over to their GL (maybe). Given what you described, it is highly possible they have no insurance at all. Which leads you back to suing them.

Have the good roofer come out and inspect, them come back and report what you found. It’s likely you also got screwed by your insurance company as the damage and subsequent leaks seems highly likely to have resulted from a covered hazard. Good luck proving that though, especially at this point.

To be blunt, it appears you had the misfortune of having an incompetent adjuster and an equally incompetent roofer. If you have an attorney, seek their advice. If you have State Farm or an Insurance Company with a good Agent, call them and raise some stink. At minimum, they should be paying for your living expenses (ALE portion of your policy).

Where are you located?



Thank You for the response and bringing that to my attention. I was up very late trying to put this all together as a last ditch effort for advice. I edited and corrected as best as I could.

I live in Columbia SC. I had a building contractor come out last week and he thought I would need between 10 -20 boards for repairs and a complete tear off was needed. He also said the shingles may not match up once you make repairs.

Yesterday he sent over a CT certified roofing company for a recommendation.

First impression was shingles all looked nice and proper. Second, he was surprised to see so many cut boards in the shed. He said usually a full sheet is placed when making a repair. He also said that shed roof should have had ice and water barrier bc of pitch. He thought flashing was correct and didn’t understand why the inspector and official said it was wrong. He seemed ok with leaving it like that and said at least if you do get a leak you can see it.

He felt that repairs could be made at first while standing and looking at the roof from the ground. He wanted to leave without seeing anything else and write his recommendation but I kindly explained that he can not give a fair opinion without seeing the issues on the house.

I showed him the eve along the back and he agreed 3 spots was wrong. No felt/rot. He was most concerned with the gable and said it had to come off.
He thought the dark piece of plywood in photo could be discolored but after telling him about the three leaks in the ceiling below and possible mold he said that was a different story so I’m not sure what he will recommend for that.
Two spongy areas in the front of house where the pitch is pretty low he said was normal.
The bldg official told me that was not normal. No other parts except rotted or very wet part do that on my roof so I have no idea what he will say to that.
When he seen the small gable over the kitchen with no felt he said he understood why the contractor wanted a tear off.
He referred to the CT rep by name just as my original roofer did and I worry do they know each other?
I requested that same CT rep come out and look to see if everything was done by their guidelines but he never followed up.
In the end this new roofer said it could be repaired.
I can’t help but wonder if companies look out for other companies. Friends looking out for friends and so on.
We will see what his report says.
In the meantime I’m waiting for the attorney to respond back on photos I sent.



You defiantly have some issues that need to be fixed. Once osb gets wet it needs to be replaced, it does not dry out like plywood does.

One thing I will say is the full dark sheet you are referring to is most likely the top sheet off of the pallet of osb. When they spray paint the edges of the sheets at the factory the top sheetcd commonly ends up fully painted. If that was water damage it would not be a perfect rectangle, the sheet below it would have damage too.



Absolutely no evidence of anything you have shown to cause concern.
You have pointed out rotten wood you say they missed and the owner wants to fix it and make you happy.

When you presented the interior pic showing damage you inferred was the result of the roofer,
I didnt even want to talk to you.
I think you are dishonest and a trouble maker.
But you said so much that needs to be refuted.

They always planned to get the roof inspected
Or they wouldnt have removed all the underlayment and renailed the decking
Or had the Permit within the hour…
Permiting takes time and they had already started the permitting process, already processed your notice of commencement.
No you dont have to have permitting done during the roof-removal.
Anybody can tear off a roof.
You need a permit to install a roof.
You need a in-progress inspection before the roof is completed.
The particular city inspector is an asshole to say that no shingles are supposed to be allowed untill the in-progress inspection.
What a jerk. But i guess he has that right.

Very very unusual to have a “building inspector and city inspector come to your house at the same time. 2?? Why???
Nevermind. Dont care!!
He should be meeting the roofer!!!
That HE set up
Not you! Not looking at your pictures
Or anything you have to say…

Then you call some one else,
Another roofer, a “certified” one.
Who sees it up close for himself
And he didnt tell you what you want to hear…
So now you come here…



Every time we’ve ever pulled a permit, and we’ve pulled hundreds, we pull the permit prior to starting the job. If a pre install inspection is required, we give a tentative time prior to starting demolition. Everywhere we’ve ever worked, as long as most of the roof remains uninstalled, the inspector is good with it.

roof_lover, I’m not sure you have a bad customer here. I think you have someone who has no construction knowledge and is having some serious issues. Not sure but that’s my take. They need to quit relying on CertainTeed Pro Contractors for their advice as that doesn’t mean anything other than they buy a lot of CertainTeed and paid to get the Pro Contractor status. The CertainTeed product doesn’t have anything to do with the problems. They need to find a solid, honest and competent contractor in the area that will give them sound advice.

That’s my cut at it anyway. No question, the story is sketchy at best.



Oh, and i think he may or may not have mold issues. The roofer May or may not have solved that issue for him. I think the whole issue is that.
He is afraid his mold issue has not been resolved.
And is that the roofers fault?
It May or may not.

It sounds like he is refusing to let the company make him happy.
Maybe because of this issue.
Ok, the stepping through the ceiling definitely raised the tensions and that really started the ball rolling of mistrust.
And then the all night rain…
Not sleeping through.
And if it leaked during that rain.ughh

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The most unpleasant customer we had in years, was a result of a foot through a ceiling.
Everything was fixed, and the job turned out great, but they were the unhappiest people I ever had to deal with.



The owner decided at his own will after coming out to see and inspect the work he subcontracted out to a new crew that he had only used for two weeks that the entire project needed to be completely replaced.
The owner was “horrified” to see so many mistakes and bad workmanship. He made the call on the replacement even though I was okay with him doing repairs. It was a very pleasant and friendly process and had been that way from the start of day one.

21 sheets of plywood was used in the reroofing process and everything was done as it should have been the first time. Several areas only had shingles and nothing else under it. Not including the rot. I received the 5 star lifetime certainteed warranty since the work was done according to the manufacturers guidelines.

I spent over three hundred dollars on gift cards with handwritten notes to each person who worked replacing and fixing the new roof including the owner and new project manager to show my appreciation and gratitude. It was accepted humbly and was very appreciated by all.

I now have, not only a beautiful roof but one that will last me a lifetime.

To the non professional reply’s, I have nothing to say except maybe learn about mold remediation and why moisture is not your friend especially after a prior remediation. Second, learn to read before making judgements or opinions on the topic. Assuming ones character based on bad experience is, well we all know the old saying about assuming. It gives 0 credit to future advice you may have on here to others.

To the professionals, I appreciate that you read what I wrote first off and second I thank you for the advice I asked for.

FYI, Not everyone out there are assholes and looking to screw the next. Some people just want what they pay for and to get a decent job done. Its sad to see that some of you have had bad experiences with people/jerks but please don’t assume everyone is the same. There are people who can stay calm and level headed while having an adult conversation about issues. My purpose here was to find out if what I was seeing was right or wrong. And if it was wrong what grounds did I have to make it right. That’s it! Thankfully this company cared about what they stood behind and made it right!

And please don’t assume I’m a male! But that shouldn’t matter or does it!