Workman's Comp Insurance


I want to get a quick poll on how many roofing companies have CORRECT workman’s comp insurance. Not carpentry WC, not fascia down WC, but roofer’s WC.

If you sub out most of your work, have you ever checked your subs WC to see what their classification is? I know they can show you a sheet that says workman’s comp, but is it correct?

I am asking because I want to know how many people are effected every year by this cost saving technique. I have heard roofers say, “You’re fired before you hit the ground.” Just think this needs to change.


In my experience in interviewing crews, somewhere around 40% to 60% have correct GL and WC. It varies.


N.C. here. We are insured as a remodeling company and pay rates according to the type of work we are doing. Roofing is the highest at 32.5% while carpentry is only 17%. If not broke down you will pay the roofing rate on your Secretary!:joy::joy:


Would point out that “most” if not “all” residential roofing companies do more than just install roofing. Only a fool would pay those rates when they don’t have to. Carpenters deck the roof for half the comp rate…its a Freakin racket. 1 claim in 24 yrs of business here.


Standard roofer w/c here! Do use subs, do check classification


@Kpratt, what area do you work in? How much insurance work do you do? Do
you know about the DMO codes in Xactimate? Thanks


We do do some insurance work, but we are not storm chasers. We do not use exacta mate nor do we care too. And to be honest I do not know what a DMO code is.


DMO code is demolition and Xactimate defaults to DMO for remove items. Can you get workman’s comp insurance for a demolition crew to tear off a roof? If so, great and you are lucky. If not and you must classify them as roofers, the fact that you don’t care is why our industry suffers.


Believe me, me not using exactomate is not why our industry suffers! Have you seen videos from “win the storm”? The used care salesman mentality is! I was doing Roofing years before exactomate existed, and didn’t need it to tell me how to bid, and don’t now. I am aware of my costs, I know where we need to be! If exactomate says that’s not enough, or too much, I could care less.


So much I want to say that I feel less is more…


Lol, probably so. I just don’t have any desire to hand over the management (bidding practices) of our company to the insurance company. Only a small portion of our year in year out biz comes from storms.