Workers compensation and commercial general liability insura

Have any of you ever used pay as you go? I seen a web site that you can get workers comp and general liability insurance and pay as you go. I do have all my insurance now. But they say they can save me a lot of money. I pay 49% workers comp and 22% general liability insurance now. They said that comp would be 32% and $2,000,000 liability would be 17%. That would save me a lot each year. But I do not know if this is a scam or not. If you have heard of this and know if it is true or not please let me know.

Thank you all!

Well…Whats the website so we can check it out and decide and run it through some tests and searches?

Also, is it State specific?


The website is and no it is not state specific.

Thank you

Hey guys I market the same product as the site you have. It is from AMS Staff Leasing. How it works is that we handle your payroll and WC coverage together. So you only pay on your exact payroll, not an estimate. The benefit is that we do not have a deposit at the start. So there is no more big check writing for 20% to 30% of your premium. Also, because we handle your payroll as well as your coverage. There is no audits ever. We will handle all tax payments and WC claims too! You can have your payroll checks direct deposit or checks. You can do it on site at your location or we can do it and have your checks to you by your current payday. There is a lot more to this but thats it in a nut shell. I can answer any other questions you may have plus I can provide a no obligation pricing for you so you can see what we can do for you. Call me at 610-657-2195 or email at

Thanks and I hope this helps!

Chuck Cornmesser

I am looking into this guys. I asked the same question on another site. I have actually talked to Chuck and one of his associates. I am definetly interested. I am also skeptical. But I imagine I am going to try it out. This seems like a good option for my business.

Like I said before, it does sound almost too good to be true on the surface. But it really is very simple. We offer discounted WC insurance to high risk industries. The vehicle we use to get you this is by bundling your WC and payroll together. This eliminates the down payment and audits because we are handling both for you.

So we are supposed to give you money for insurance and our payroll?
This sounds like a situation that could easily be abused…

Do the research. Check us out. Our insurance carrier is rated by A.M. Best and NCCI. I know at AM Best’s site you can look at older records dating back a while. Like I said guys, check it out. It is worth a look. If you have concerns we can provide references, copies of receipts to show that we pay the taxes on all our employees and/or we can provide your bank with a lein note against us for the amount of your payroll to guarantee your money. We are one of the largest firms in our industry, doing business in 36 states with an annual payroll of over $1 billion.

Look at it this way, you have heard of payroll services right? Well we are a WC/Payroll service. It puts both pieces in the same place. The whole reason why you have to pay a deposit on your WC is because you are giving an estimate of what your payroll is going to be for that year. By handling both your payroll and your WC, we know what your payroll is so there is no guessing. Also, no audit at the end of the insurance policy’s year. No big check then because you under estimated and now you own on extra payroll that wasn’t counted for in the policy. All that is gone because we are doing both. We know exactly what amount of coverage you need in each code.

I don’t want to make anyone upset. This isn’t a program that everyone will or even should do. But don’t you think you should explore the option before you decide that it’s not worth it. If you have questions, give me a call, if I can’t answer them I will get the answer. I look forward to hearing from you.