I would apreciate it if I could get some work from anyone who has an abundance of it…Things are very slow here, and I have a larrge family to support, if you call me to sub, you will not regret it…

Slow here also.

I placed a half page add in a local community news letter that is sent out once a week,and I had to wait 2 weeks for it to happen. It has paid for itself in 3 days…I received 3 calls, and also got 1 passing by me measuring one…sold em all in 2 days! For My new pricing. All need sheets,Lack of vent…and all are going w/me cause they like the owner-operator vs. the bigger co. that uses sub-contractors…for the same price, that tells me I am finally in the right price bracket.Like it is said, Don’t give up before the miracle happens! I am truly blessed.

Glad to hear you are doing OK. lead flow is slow, this is a reccesion. Work is there but you have to work harder to get it. Prices and costs are still going up so dont be tempted to lower your numbers.

In my area material has risen more than 25%just this year. I still see and hear about estimates from my competitors bidding jobs at last years prices. My question is how many jobs will they do before they relaize it is costing them money to roof at last years prices? Not to mention material is not the only thing that has gone up in price. It is my assumption that the cost of BUSINESS is going to put many people out of BUSINESS at a much faster and higher rate than in years past.

That is a fact here too. Materials have gone 40% in 3 mo. and prices go up 6.00 per sq. every 10 days here. I don’t like to tell people that they have 5 days to sign or the price may be higher, but the fact is that I can’t charge enough to eat these increases. I am also selling 1 before I can finish 1! Referrals… The add has not brought me anything but people burning my gas to get an idea of what it will cost… that kills me ,lol Call a professional to your home just to tell him you have no funds to do the work anyway…and can’t get a loan to do it…Oh and you say it will cost me more the longer I wait…lol…I don’t understand how people can’t grasp that things go up and stay up, if you need it now,you will never see these prices in the future.Just as we will never see 2.00 a gallon for gas or milk! I recall gas at .50 and milk at .45 per gallon. That gives away more than I wanted to ,but when you have seen this kinda thing all you can do is grin and bear it…I’d rather smile than cry.

That is a fact here too…
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