Work not done

I recently contracted to have my roof done. My attic was collecting significant frost due to no soffit or ridge vents. I went with the highest estimate of four because this company used the best quality materials and seemed to be the only ones using smartvent to correct the soffit problem. The contract includes laying the new 30 year GAF Timberline shingles, Deck armor, removing the old layer, installing Smartvent along all eaves, a ridge vent, new drip edge, and clean up. A 1200 square foot roof is costing me $7900. The work started Thursday of this week. I came home last night and was amazed at how the entire front of the house was already shingled after one day. Then I was curious why I could not see a smartvent anywhere. I went into my attic and dug all the old blown in insulation out of several of the soffits and noticed that they are still completely closed. No strip cut out and no smartvent on the section that has already been shingled. Is it possible that they are waiting to install the Smartvent after? I don’t know anything about roofing but it seems like it would make more sense to cut the strip and install the Smartvent before shingling. Should I be concerned?

We don’t use DCI Smart vent, we use Ever-Flo Inhaler, eave vent. But yes I would think you’d want to install things on the eave before moving up the roof. Only reason I can see for not installing it already is that maybe they had to wait on the supplier to get it and wanted to get the job started. If that’s the case they should have left the first 2’-3’ of shingle off too. Many questions can be answered by the guys doing your roof, all we can do here sight unseen is speculate.

i dont think you can retro fit smart vent after it has been shingled. try to post some pics.

I was thinking the same thing.
It will need a slot cut, so the shingles need to be removed…

It is 12" high from the eave, with the slot supposed to be cut out at the 6" to 7" point across the entire eave.

The crew was probably not given the right instructions on what was contracted for.

To put it in as an after thought will require the removal of the bottom 2 courses of shingle.

Also, since you are in a frost climate, I would also presume that the Grace Ice and Water Shield was to have been installed.

If so, and they already installed it, they will have to remove the first8 rows of shingles and install the Ice and Water Shield over the top of the Smart Vent.

That sucks. Maybe it was not intentional, but it should be made good as the end result.


Thank you for your answers. I thought that they should be installed first. I’ll have to ask them what is going on Monday morning. My only concern with them pulling of the shingles and weather barrier and renailing everything is that my decking is old boards that survived the first nailing and now I hope they hold up to the second. That does suck. Oh well. Thanks again for the feedback, I appreciate it.

The most expensive contractor is not always the best contractor.

If the cheapest contractor was an owner operator and was on site the whole time and he said he was going to install the vent product I bet it would have been installed.

The contractor could have forgot to tell the crew to install it or the crew could have been told and forgot.

I guess it’s goes to say, you live and you learn.

You also have to think the most expensive and least expensive contractors could have both subbed the work to the same crew.

At any rate I would either ask them to install it or ask to be compensated for the labor and materials.


Is your deck shiplap?If so,at least where I’m from most shingle warranties are void.

If it is in the contract and is not put on the contract is voided due to breach. For them to properly install smart vent they will have to rip the roof back off and start again to do it correctly. There is not a way that i am aware of to install it with the underlayments on properly. Personally i would not pay until it it done per the contract. Call the company and explain it is not done right and make them start over.

You might be right Johnk, but I think that at least for GAF/Elk, they retain that for any new plank decking over 6" in width. The logic is simple, by now, any plank decking that has been on, has already released it’s moisture and sap to the point where if it is going to cup, it probably has done it.

I think they should tear it off and start all over again, the right way. Take a day off and make it so.

Plank decks seem to work fine. Renail the deck with 8’s. Never a problem.

It is in the Certainteed specs and also from the APA that the planks should not be wider than 6", or else they should be cut length wise.

I don’t buy that at all.

I have worked on many 60-120 year old homes with gret decking made out of all sorts of leftoever sizes and others with 1" x 8" and larger.


It may be fine and I have done many as well over shiplap.But in the end if a company says that doesn’t follow their installation guidelines,then warranty is void.You know they would look for any reason anyways to void your warranty.