Work in houston area


anybody know where an all legal roofing crew can go to work in the houston area??


ive heard alot of rumors.
im afraid to go out there.
ive heard what work is out there is bein done
dirt cheap.

i just cant do it.



I went there I won’t go back


I am in texas right now and yes they are doing work dirt cheap and why do you think its because there illiegal mexican yes thats right killing the job market again dirty cock roach mother fuckers are you kidding me do ripoffs for for 45sq and that includes your dump fee but thank god i am doing commerical work theres no money down here you should see them 8 guys on 20sq roof with pitch forks and alot places there hand nailing for that how could you make any money with that many guys on a roof


well, i have alot of questions about work in houston, we got invited to take my trucks and my crew over there, but im not so sure about it, ived heard that theres alot of work overthere, meanwhile here at el paso is really dead, im doin like a roof per week. OH and yeah, u dont need 8 guys on a roof no matter if its 20 or 40 squares, ived proved that 4 guys can do more than all those 8 together, really proven. Since its so dead here im really thinking about going over, but like i said, im no so sure if its the best thing to do.


If you don’t mind cold weather labor rates in Ohio are 55 and up. Any LEGAL AMERICAN crew get 65 up to 125 per sq. Hell, any legitmate roof company would love to have a LEGAL, AMERICAN, NON-DRUG, NON-DRUNK, SHOW UP ON TIME crew and are willing to pay for it! BUT since that is a dying breed the people that really want to work and bust their ass get all the work.


Frankly, your argument is way off; you think its the “dirty cock roach mother !@#$” who are knocking on doors, talking to the potential customers, signing contracts, and haggling with the insurance companies? No, it’s the roofing company ran by Tom Q. White with All American Roofing with US flags on the back windshield who sub out to the “illiegal mexican” crews for cheap while they take in all the profit.

(The company above is fictitious and made up; just an example.)

If these large companies (and that goes for all industries) would stop hiring at low wages then “legal roofing crews” like consolidated could be hired at competitive wages.

well said.


I’m in Houston also, but I have a different view on things. Of course, owners and such that deal with a consultant usually don’t use fly-by-night contractors or the old jack-of-all-trades contractors. The insurance companies are paying good money, so it comes down to the homeowners in some cases.

Now, there have been a lot of roofs hastily installed around town, but that is good for me. Not only has Ike kept me insulated from any recession, but the poor quality of work will keep me busy for years to come! :mrgreen: