Wood Shake-Insurance only paying to replace handful of shingles

Hi, I’m working with a homeowner who has a wood shake roof that is 18 years old. The area was hit with hail and high wind. The insurance is only paying to replace a handful of shingles. There is quite a bit of damage on the roof but with the homeowners insurance there was not enough damage in their specified area to replace the whole roof. Any tips on how to get the whole roof replaced? There are a lot of shingles with wind lift, the valleys all need replaced so that means taking up all those shakes and replacing them and so on. This is my first wood shake claim I have dealt with and I’m in need of some advice. Thanks.


Location and insurance company?

Nebraska. Safeco Insurance. While I was out with the adjuster he said that Safeco had to have an X amount of hits in square, I can’t remember the number though and apparently we didn’t reach that number. The homeowner had a few neighbors get full roof replacements on their wood shakes while others got nothing. The problem with this specific claim is that the deductible is so high, its around $5,000 and the RCV is around $9,600. This is my first wood shake claim I have dealt with and the homeowner is really hoping we can push them to cover more than they are. There is significant damage on many parts of the roof and all 156 feet of valleys are getting replaced.

I’m not being a smart arse, but If the roof wasn’t wood shake, and it was a regular 3 tab or dimensional shingle, how would you get the roof replaced?
I’m in Ohio so I’m sure it’s different where you are, but I always approach claim the same, regardless of the roofing material.

If you have a matching or line of sight law it should be easy imo.

If the damage isn’t there it isn’t there. Deductible has no bearing on it. Shakes are very easy to see hail damage vs age. Why or the valleys being replaced? If there was sufficient hail to ding up steel valleys it should have trashed an 18 year old wood roof.