Winter months


What do roofers do in the winter months if you live in an area where the snow flys!

Do you make enough income during the warms months to get you by - or do you have other ventures on the side to keep the money coming in? Such as snowplowing…!


i used to snow plow. Gave it up though because i was sick of getting up at 4 am.

We do windows and siding.

I also own a used car dealership.


Used Car Sales ! :o Now I have heard it all.


we install roofing all year. Roofing is our trade and we pretty much only vary to related things like exterior trim replacment and somtimes wood siding “hate vinyl”. We also have a sheet metal shop and a gutter crew.


Actually there are 3 other of my primary competitors that also own car dealerships.

Cant do much roofing with all the lake effect snow we get.

on a side note…that certificate from 1956 on your website is pretty cool 8)


We may do a siding job or two in winter but thats about it. Usually just let the guys sit back and collect unemployment so they can rest up for the hard summers. Unless they call me and really need money, then ill find something for them to do.


I install shingles during the winter as well, the only trick is not to use the nail gun.


we use guns all winter. just adjust the pressure.


We shovel, and it sucks, but we have some 20 yr + customers, so we do what we to to keep them happy.



Roofing and ice fishing.


surfing the internet :roll:


gotta suffer out in the cold roof roof roof


Here in MO we just roof from Easter to Thanksgiving & hunt all fall & winter long. Our unique systems allow us to profit six figures in less than 200 days, so we are kinda spoiled. So we hunt & talk with other contractors and show them what we do & how they can add it to their business.


When you say 6 figures in 200 days does that mean 100000 dollars or 500000 dollars. There is a big difference in saying you profit 6 figures in 200 days to what it actually is. Just curious.


I have contractors that make a low to mid $100 & contractors that make upper 100k’s to low 200k’s. It depends a lot on how big they want to be . Most would rather make 100-150k in 200 days with 3 guys and have less headaches than the guy who makes 250k but deals with 8-10 guys. It is up to the individual. I like to hunt & fish to much to work year round so that is my choice.


Oh okay. Then are you part of a company that just generates leads or what?


Man got to move to mo tell ya what show me! :wink:


I’m not from MO but I’m with Smacarac, Show me :slight_smile: . What is this unique system?


Think i will go and play a round of golf today no what am i saying thats hockey for us winter roofers.Was on a tarped roof this morning and should of had on skates.[pass the puck please]