Winter application?

whats anyones take on winter time installation?? whats the best flat roof application for low temperatures?? and last but not least how bout rubber, is there any low temperature rubber applications??

Yes there is 45or60 mil ma is the way to go for epdm you can glue up to 40 degrees i like 40 and sunny.But theres always mod bit or pvc as well.

You can install rubber “epdm” all winter in almost any temp. There are some tricks of the trade like using a bucket warmer for your yellow glue. keep all your adheasives and caulking warm untill right before use.

c.mon flatbar you know sometimes its just to cold. then u get the torch out and spend less no glue nocover tape no waiting for glue to freeze oh i mean dry. torch downs for all weather.

solvent based glue will not freeze. you couldnt give away torch down roofs anymore in our area. It was popular at one time but now the suppliers dont even carry it in stock. EPDM and other single plys are redily available even in the lumber yards.

of course they dont stockit they want youto spend150-250 asquare on materials depending on how much iso you use.remember when you could actuly make more than your friendly supplier! if your giving torch down roofs away call me?

Its not that we would give them away, we can and will install them on a rare occasion. People just dont want them. So its rubber all the way for the most part.

i’d have to agree with tintag on this. torch or nothing. youu say the solvent base glue don’t freeze?? it don’t freeze in the bucket, but it won’t flash off.

flatbar,whats going on . anymore questions im here to help. i say stick with what roof you know the best.most systems are good with quality install and plenty of tav :stuck_out_tongue:

works for us and a lot of others all winter long with out any problems. Hey if you know it all why bother to ask any questions ?

hey we cant all know it all.they call us the HITMEN when there picking up there last check. :mrgreen:

if you have adhesives heated to lets say 60 degrees. and, you apply that adhesive to lets say a 25 degree substrate. how long does that adhesive stay 60 degrees? what does the label on most adhesive cans say in regards to temperature?

roofboss knows whats up :idea:

Ambient temp baby solvent base does freeze then what you have is a mess come warmer days.This is not to say i’ve never had to do it but i choose my days wisely and yes there are tricks my young jedi.

torchdown, b.u.r.