Wind damaged shingles


Have a roof with one layer of GAF asphalt singles. We had hurricane winds two months ago which lifted about 20% of the shingles on the roof and some shingles are raised with nail pops. The roof is approx. 10 years old. Two different roofer’s state the roof needs to be replaced while another roofer states he can glue down the raised shingles which would hold and the roof could be servicable for another 5 to 10 years. Other roofers are saying once the seal is broken, the shingles can’t be resealed or I guess they mean glued down. Need some expert advise. Is there anyone in the Louisville, KY area that could be recommended that’s not looking for an insurance job.

Please advise!


i resealed a 30 square house 3 years ago for about $850 (every tab). still holding strong in a high wind area.



We reseal shingles. Works fine.