Wind Damage questions and opinions

I am a project manager for a large roofing company in the south. We have tackled many hail storms in the past, but recently there was a lot of wind damage in a couple of LARGE neighborhoods.

Mostly the damge you find are shingles that are lifted, or sometimes blown off. (3tabs)

Anyway, some insurance companies are paying to repace the entire roof and some are arguing that the lifted tabs will re-seal with heat from the sun.

What are your opininions on wind damage? For example do you think that once a tab has been compromised it will lay flat and re-seal like new??

Also, what about nail pull thru, or damage undlerlayment as a result of wind damage?

Are there any links or facts that could be provided as proof when going to battle against the insurance companies?? (mostly State Farm, Travelers, All-Snake)



I had some similar problems (with Travelers). I’m assuming we are looking at some of the same things (I’ve done a bunch of storm work in Brentwood and Belleview). For the most part, I’m getting settlements for entire roofs. However, I’m having trouble on a few. Insurance co. wants to pay for roof planes with blowoffs, but doesn’t want to replace the other parts of the roof if the shingles have lifted without blowing off. I’ve sent pictures of creases on the shingles that have lifted, extreme buildup of granules in the gutters, etc, but haven’t had much luck.
I’d be interested to hear what others have to say on this subject.
Good luck to you.

When They Say It will Reseal Itself Say What They Say To You "Sounds Like Thats Just Your Opinion"But Honestly Once Asphalt Takes Its Shape And Lays Down It Will Never Re Lay Properly My Father Owns A Asphalt Company So Thats A Fact Jack

It rips the asphalt from the shingle it is stuck to.

For a proper argument with them, you need to look up the D.U.R.A. formula that Haag Engineering prescribes in one of their papers.

It is a cost analysis of repair versus replacement feasibility calculation.

I have the document in my long list of of Favorites if I can find it later.