Will this wavy, bulging, lifted 6 months roof last its life more then 20 years?

Please see 3 photos of 6 months roof. Roof has 15 areas like this. Will this roof fail doe to strong winds ? Is it indication that those 15 areas need to be seal? I have already paid my roofer with 30 years of experience… Do I need to do some thing or nothing? Thank you in advance for your advice.

I only see 1 picture but ya doesn’t look right. I just had my roofer back to look at a lot of fishmouth shingles on my new roof and he agreed they don’t look right, maybe a storage or shipping problem with them. Best to address your problem now with your roofer.

I did… His reply that roof within normal appearance. And will last manufacture suggested life…

There are some humps. Could be caused by wavy sheeting, debris under shingles, ect. This is 100% won’t effect the lifespan of your roof.

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Few more areas for general impression about this roof.

May be this photo olso…

Some of those areas could be caused by nails sticking up. If so those nails will need to be hammered down. Only way to tell is to go up and check.

Contractor today did not find problems… Will this new roof last?

Minor imperfections in your roof sheeting won’t cause a roof to fail any earlier. If that’s all it is then you don’t need to be worried.

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The one in the middle is two shingles jammed together too tight. The one upper right clearly shows a high nail underneath it. The first one looks like a felt wrinkle. These issues by themselves won’t kill your roof but I would be concerned by the sloppy work casually explained away by the contractor. I would have sent someone out to correct it at least to ease the homeowners mind.


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I have only one question, will life span of this roof suffer?

If this represents how the rest of the roof was installed then yes.

Thanks a lot. Approximately 15 % of the roof like this… So will roof last?

How many different ways can I answer the question?