Why not use 20 year shingles on a new roof?

I am new to being a Public Adjuster. I am looking to find out reasonably why 25 year composition shingles should be used for a roof replacement VS. 20 year composition shingles. I am told that 20 year composition shingles are no longer used, yet why are they not?

What I know is that some manufacturers have discontinued the 20yr. In some markets, 20yr may still available.

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20 year shingles are garbage. Discontinued in most markets. And it got to where the cost of set ups and different tooling in Manufacturing outweighed the small cost savings in producing the 20 year models. I’ve been told it is just a matter of time before 3 tab shingles period will be going away. Given the cost difference, it is silly to use a 3 tab shingle these days.

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And good luck finding young shinglers who know how to cut a book.