Why is my roof dripping onto the fascia?

Hi everyone. Could someone take a look at these photos and see if they might have a sense why water is dripping from my roof onto the fascia board below? It is causing mold and algae to form and I think the beginnings of rot. I’d like to replace the board but I figure there is not much point if it is just going to get wet again.


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You seem to live in a forest. Perhaps the water dripping from you roof to the fascia isn’t the entire problem or a problem at all. Your fascia is not painted and looks like your neck of the woods is fairly wet and humid. That could have something to do with your problem.

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The shingles aren’t over hanging the drip edge enough so the water is running down the fascia.

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Do you think it would be easy enough to add an extra row of shingles? Or is this a complex procedure?

It is easy to do but you end up with 2 short courses.

Drip edge comes bent at 90 degrees, roof angle is less, so water is following the drip and running down the fascia board. Starting at the left, pry out the drip with a flatbar and bend the drip outward with a hand break. When the dripleg is off the fascia 3/4 or so, it’ll quit running down the fascia board.

Your fascia is 90 degrees to the ground
Instead of the more proper 90 degrees from the roof.

The photos of algae show that the area never receives sun light.
Double wammy.

Your fascia was always going to look like this.
It needs a great paint job and yearly cleanings
Or a gutter
Or covered with aluminum or vinyl.