Why do subs get picked on

why do subs get picked on; hourly guys hate us ,owners only like you when they need you, roofing grouipes only when their hourly boyfriends arent around


Most subs work too cheap.
Many subs do substandard work.

Most, but not all subcontractors are only there for production performance and to get done as quickly as possible, sometimes leaving many things unchecked and not done properly, due to the desire to jump on the next production project.

Skill and craftsmanship can only be provided when allowing enough time to take in every aspect of the project and the passion to ensure that the project is left leaving nothing amiss.

That is not all there fault, as the contractor utilizing subs probably is seeking that type of end result, which many customers would not even know is lacking of certain necessary finish touches or improved ventilation.

Nothing against a subcontractor in particular, but mainly against the desire of the contractor to use this technique instead of having their own trained installers, who evolve over time to produce the anticipated results.


I subbed for a long time between my own contracted jobs,and in my area there (were)allot of companies that only used subs,and it was easy to get work if you were good(no call backs) I was fortunate enough to build a good rep. and began to get busy enough not to sub. Now things have slowed down so bad that I am looking to sub., but no one has anything to give,and my truck looks like a rolling billboard.(traded in magnets for full lettering) difficult to sub with your name all over the truck. Companies that sub. here don’t want the H.O. to know they sub. lol… .I did a roof a few years ago, and they stiffed me cause the H.O. discovered that I was a sub…(company told the H.O. that their hourly guys would be 3 days to complete,and I did it in 12 hrs…) I believe that subs are ok if quality is there…If you can’t do a quality job for what it pays then walk away,don’t hack it just cause it doesn’t pay big bucks…I’ve been sitting for 2 months now,and happy I have a night job…just got my bennies,and looking forward to spring, when the smoke clears and there are less companies around,as the economy wipes out the crud,and the cream rises to the top…I have a few to do in the spring,and I will be there to take care of them…

90% of my work was subbed to me until the Fall of 2006. Since then it’s gone down to around 5% and only for my price.

One reason I don’t do much work as a sub anymore is because building is down. A couple of my builders went from building 20-30 homes a year to 2-3.

Lucky for my brother who’s still subbing a lot he’s gotten a lot of work that I would have done if I wasn’t so busy with my own leads. He can work for less as he’s got less overhead.