Which slitter for a roofer to buy?

Looking to add a little sheet metal capabilities to my existing shop. Any recommendations on a slitter that would compliment roofing/gutters and maybe a little retail sales?

Appreciate any feedback on a brake press as well.

I’m sure you will get lots of information. I would suggest that you go to the IRE in Dallas, February. You’ll see lots of equipment there.

IF you have the money I would skip the slitter and go straight to a good used shear. We used a slitter for a couple years but once we could afford a shear we haven’t touched it again. If you start braking custom metal the edges aren’t completely true out of the slitter and they’re sharp. It will get you by if needed though. We bought a very good used 12’ shear for $8,000.

Thanks fella’s. Still appreciate any other brand/model feedback from anyone else.