Which material should I choose?

Hi, I have a small flat roof to be replaced with plywood . I need something that can last 25 or even 30+ years. Can somebody recommend some material made by which company, please?

A Built Up Roof if you have people in your area that still install them, 3 ply APP modified bitumen or PVC.

100% ice & water + copper or pre finished steel standing seam if any pitch at all.

Post a picture of you can for better recommendations.

It’s a 8 degree low slope roof

I got a dura last pvc quote. But it seems not good. I will try to get IB quote too,

Does firestone epdm last ? Thanks

EPDM is a good product and in my experience they are all pretty much the same nowadays as far as brands are concerned.

The EPDM sheet lasts an absurdly long time, it’s the flashings & seams that go first.

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Thanks. Is there something I should’ve told the roofing contractor on how to reinforce the seam such as overlay certain inches etc? Thanks

With single ply I normally see good and bad, not much in the middle. Either the Contractor knows what they are doing or doesn’t.

If your little flat roof requires a seam it’s not really a little roof.
After seaming you can go over the seam with 6" cured cover strip, this will make it last longer.

20’ x 50’ rolls of EPDM are common.

What size roof ? does it tie into another roof? where in the country are you? what is the use of the covered area? will it be heated/cooled?

It’s around 13’x 26’ roof. Not tied to another roof. I’m in New York. The room is a three season room. But we will heat the room with space heater in the winter.

Fully adhered 60 mil EPDM. Use solvent adhesive, and install a couple 2 way vapor vents. Tell the contractor you might need a warranty, that way you’ll scare off the idiots and get a better job. Never had a manufacturers warranty on my installations, but had tech reps out to inspect them and all inspected were warrantable.

I’m getting my nearly 30 year old tpo replaced with new 60 mil TPO what is the difference between tpo and EPDM? I am wondering though- if insurance is replacing the roof, don’t they need to replace gutters as well? I also have exposed wood beams that were damaged, and they are only fixing parts of the house for that so it isn’t making sense to me since the beams stick out and the soffit underneath had water damage. It’s a mid century roof. Any suggestions before I talk to my adjustor?
Thanks in advance!