Which is the better option?


I need a new roof. Long story but insurance will not pay. This is not an insurance issue. I will have to pay out of pocket. Is it cheaper to buy the material and pay someone to do it or to hire a contractor for a roofing company.


There is no benefit to buying your own materials. You may get some items “cheaper” than what i use in the sense that you buy low quality materials not knowing they are low quality. I would charge the same labor rate either way. If anything i’d put my labor rate a bit higher to cover myself incase the homeowner missed or underordered anything as time is $.


If you are asking about buying your own material and then paying a roofer cash on the side to do it. Yes, that would be cheaper but no one here is gonna tell you to do that. Big risk if anyone gets hurt, or anything gets damaged. Also you’ll have bo recource if you get a shit install.


I would be shocked if you found a quality roofing company that would take that deal. If you made me that offer, I’d tell you fine but my price is the same regardless.


Thank you for the advice.