Which guns do you guys like the best


Right now I have three portacable coil nailers, two went down in one day last week, I was thinking about trying another brand. Which guns do you guys think are the best


Hitachi & Bostich


senco or max


bostich rn46 magnesium


i just bought a ridgid thats pretty sweet. recoil is almost nothing




Production: Bostich
Straightest nail: Senco


We used to use Hitachi exclusively. Needed a gun and the Supply store only sold Bostich. We are now hooked on the quickness of the gun and loading takes fewer steps, we are up to 5 and nobody grabs the Hitachi’s anymore.
The Bostich are louder.


I agree with rooferR 100%.


i went with portacable for 3 years with almost no problems but now i use mostly Bostich.


Same as Vtroofer


Has anyone seen the new stealthy looking hiatachi nailer? its pretty sweet looking. Just google new hiatachi coil nailer. Oh ya for proformance, hiatachi. Dewalts nailer is light and fast but not very. durabale


ditto Ax.



Bostich for durability
Hitachi for weight


I have used hitachi for 15 years
Bostich are loud and I have heard of more accidents with them. I like the safety spring on hitachi’s better
I’ll take either over hand nailing any day though!


pen & paper :wink:




Ruger, S&W, Glock.


roflmao :smiley:


You might as well had said hipoint…

Sig Sauer, Kimber, Wilson.