Where to buy Decra metal tiles?


We need to purchase Decra metal tiles (San Diego, CA) and having hard time finding any info.
Decra company itself is not responding.
There is no way to get a live person on the phone, they do not respond to any phone calls or voice messages.
No response to e-mails either.
I simply cannot get a list of distributors.
The only place where I can order Decra tiles is abcsupply, but they charge $270/square, which seems to be a bit excessive.
Any suggestions?


Dear Sir:

Not knowing what you are thinking as far as “exessive cost” for this product, you may want consider other possibilities for your roof. Decra is, by nature, expensive. Tamko also makes a steel shingle alternative, pricing is probably comparable or a bit less. Future shingles is another product, but they are different from the Decra type and very spendy. Location notwithstanding (California is more expensive than my state of Idaho), you probably have a fair asking price for the product now. I have called 1877 463 3272 and then dial *105, if the call is not answered directly. If you have left messages for you particular state sales rep, and he has not returned your call within 48 hours, i would call back and firmly ask for somebody living :slight_smile:
Bear in mind that they are not a direct seller of product, usually selling to distributors instead.
Good luck!




I’m not sure I would buy material from a company who doesn’t respond to a sales call! Especially right now when sales are low in general across the board. Think of what they will be like if you ever have a problem with your roof if they don’t return their call when you are trying to buy their product?

I have found that ABC Supply tends to price on the fair side (at least in my area). $270/SQ for material is probably pretty acurate.

I just done get the appeal of metal - so industrial! Even the stone coated products, that coating will wear off eventually.


I would check out Metro Tile. Nearly identical to Decra Tile, but with a great company to back it up. (also the price is usally between $200-$200 / SQ)


search the e for “metro roman tile”.