Where have the roofers gone!?


It really is hard anymore to find good guys who want to be employees. We have health, dental, 50% 401k match, take truck home, gas card, cell phone, pretty much 40hrs a week year round if you want it…have good guys come in and ask if they can be basically full time subs. Really don’t understand how some people think anymore.


That’s your problem. In DFW this year we have been paying labor $65/SQ for comp., not including steep charges.


This is happening everywhere. Haven’t you heard? We’re living in a GiG economy where folks are hustling their craft evening when they know very little. “Fake it till you make it” on steroids.

I even noticed my apt complex will send out their clean up crew to fix appliance issues hoping a miracle will happen or to buy some time. I see this all the time.