When you get to the ridge


Do you guys double overlap the ridge with the shingles? I’m referring to the last course at the ridge. I have been cutting one side flush with the ridge and then overlapping the other.


wow i am glad you are at the ridge.means your almost done.

dare i say “what about the ridge vent?”.

Does not matter how you do it as long as it does not leak





I just cut one even on one structure. I knew I should have asked before doing it. I will do a double overlap on all the others.


I am using OC ventsure material for the ridge vent. I bought some high hip and ridge ridge caps, but I don’t know if I like them. They stick up a little high.


Hi Bread,

If you are using ridge vent, then they need to be trimed to the slot you have cut out of the ridge.


I know. I have some areas where the ridge vent will not be like the open aired walkway I just finished.


i cut starters and throw the cut off peace to the top were i use it there. nothin gets folded over or cut.