When was BP Everest 42 first marketed?


Anyone know when the Everest 42 product line came on the market?


Everest came out when fiberglass shingles took over in Canada. Sometime around 2007 if I recall. I like the bp stuff these days.
They came out as just everest, the 42 is just the length of the product, they used to be 39 or so inches wide.


Thanks a lot patchap!

I was worried that it was a very recent product.
10-11 years is a good window to have some sense of where the product might be heading.
If there were problems they likely would already have been reported online.

I am getting a few different numbers of the warranty?
Are the Everest’s under a 50 year warranty?


Read the warranty paperwork, it’s available on their website. They will not last anything close to 50 years, no shingle will.



Warranty called it “lifetime”, $45 maximum per square liability after up-front coverage.

We have some shingles from the late 1990s that have essentially disintegrated on our roof.
The prorated warranty offers almost zero compensation. I was reading online that some people actually
got reasonable settlements under the class action lawsuit. For example, one person reportedly received over
a $5000 claim on an initial roofing job of $10,000. Do you have any knowledge of this? Did people actually
receive meaningful settlements under the class action?


I didn’t deal with the class action stuff much at all. The late organics were junky, yours are close to 20years old that’s a pretty good life for them.


The Everest’s look nice.
They appear to almost be a rip off of the Timberlines.


I contacted BP. For the information of others on the thread, they said that their Everest line was first marketed in 2007
and the Everest 42 came on the market in 2012. They reported few warranty complaints on this line till this time.