When using subs


I’m fairly new to the roofing business and curious to how everyone uses their subs? For instance, i’m using a sub that owns his own roofing company as well. Anyway how would you go about handling issues as far as reschedules or them being late? As the general contractor paying for the labor, i feel as if i can hold these guys accountable for clean up and being on time but should i have to when they have their own foreman? just would like to get some input from veterans in the business and how you handle these situations with your crews. ty


I would recommend your subs having their own GL and WC. That’s assuming you do as well. Require a cert with your company named as additionally insured. That way, you can make sure they’re properly classified and if something happens, you can file the claim. Call their Agent once per month to get an updated cert. This keeps them from playing games like cancelling their coverage a day or two after you hire them. Yes, this kind of crap happens all the time.

You also need to work with your Attorney to develop a Subcontractor Agreement. Needs to be signed yearly. It must contain the standard subrogation language.

Not sure what you mean about reschedules and being late. If you have a sub worth having or keeping, that is something that very, very rarely should happen. If it does, you have a bad sub. Cleanup should be done well. Here’s the deal. In general, the sub should perform near the same level as your own crew or you don’t want them. There’s a lot of good subs out there (and plenty of bad ones). Make your standards high, pay them well, treat them well, pay them on time and you should be good to go.


What Authentic_dad said. I am a sub to a gc that owns his own roofing company and only recently started subcontractong to him as a roofing company. He has now taken his roofing portion of his company and rolled it into the rest of his company and i handle most to all of his roofing needs. If his standards are high, then mine are higher and i would suggest that be the way you look at it also. You will build a relationship based on quality and performance rather than doubt and mistrust.