When To Replace? Years Left?

Hi all,

Looking for advice on if I need to replace my roof now or soon. I know this a common question. :wink: How many years before I should expect to replace this roof? Does it need to be replaced now? Five years?

Pictures Here

We have money saved for finishing our basement. We are hesitating on pulling the trigger on finishing our basement, because we aren’t sure if we need to do replace the roof in the near future.

I can see that some of my shingles are curling a little and the granules are mostly intact. There is some very small moss on the back, but that’s probably because we had a very large tree right next to the house, which was removed a few years ago. I think if I removed the moss, it wouldn’t grow back.

Side Question - How much should I expect a job like this to cost for shingles? House is ~1500 sq ft. with 2 car garage.

Thank you all for any helpful advice you can give!

Honestly, your roof doesn’t look to bad to me. Not in immediate need to be replaced. I’d say it’s got just less than 50%of its life left.


Do you know the age of the roof?

Roof and garage appear to be around 31 sq.
Just a guess.
Cost is different everywhere.
We would be some where under 11k.
Roof still looks ok without any problem areas or major deterioration.
I’d guess the roof was around 10 years old.
If so, you would hope to get 7-10 years left.
That is If the roofers did a superb job.
And the material was of top quality.
Im in the deep south.
I hear roofs last a little longer farther north.
But not so north, there is snow all the time.

Thanks everyone for replying! I am in the north with snow for some of the year. We moved into the house 10 years ago and this roof was already there. It was a foreclosure, so we have no information from the previous owner. So, I know it’s at least 10 years old. :slight_smile:

I appreciate this advice!