When is the right time to advertise?


If you operate in a region where roofing is seasonal like ours.... when do you spend your money on advertising?  We advertise all year long, however there are certain times when we spend what I call "a bucket of money" on certain forms of advertising at certain times.  For example we are about 2 to 4 weeks from the weather breaking in our area.  When that happens we start getting alot of in calls for estimates. We also have several ideas of what to do and when to do it.  Does anyone want to share advice and/or expercience on this topic?  I am willing as we are all in this together..... :D

my TV commercial starts back up on april 14th and runs through sept. 1st.

i also do a butt load of phone books, internet and 1 newspaper which are all year round.

umm this may sound stupid but why cant you roofing the winter? How far north are you. Cuz i live in Canada and man it get freaking cold up here with the snow and all but we still roof.

i do still roof in the winter. not quite as much as though. we do NO new construction. so not many people trust having thier roof torn off in the winter.

We do work through the winter months and some years are better than others. Thing is that people are not looking to spend money at this time unless they see an active leak. They are recovering from the long holiday season, waiting on tax returns and paying astronomical heating bills. It’s just a slow time. If we have a ton of snow you can stay busy with ice damming, etc. but the last year or two have been light.

We also still roof in the winter time. That’s not the topic roofing buster.

How has your commercial worked for you Marshall, or is it too soon to tell?

We usually start are advertising in April. I just was just curious to see what works and what doesn’t work for other contractors.

still too early to tell. i didnt run it for most of the winter.

it starts back up april 14th. it is going to be on HGtv, court tv, cnn, weather channel, discovery channel, TLC, and a local news channel.

i did actually sell one in the fall from it. it didnt run very long though because of what time of year it was. we’ll see.

In our area I see a few contractors run a caption at the bottom of the weather channel. A couple companies have been doing them for more than a year so I figure it must be working. Good luck with your commercial Marshall, hope it pays out for you.

We are considering buying a building that sits next to a main interstate that goes through Akron. I have checked the census and they estimate about 117,000 vehicles a day pass by this building. The rear of the building is right against the highway. It would give us great name recognition and exposure.

That is the ideal situation. :smiley:

Instead of starting a a new thread ill ask my question here.
What kind of Advertising has done best. What kind is most effective?
Which has been most effective for you profesionals?

A billboard on the most traveled road in your area.

Really? Man i dont think i can afford that.

actually my best may be job signs everywhere and all my trucks are nice with professional graphics.