Whats the difference between Thunder Guard and GAF Armorshield


I’m needing a new roof. The house was built in 1995 (Columbus Ohio Area) and it’s the original roof. Thankfully it was installed well but it’s getting old, much like me (51). I told my wife I’m not moving again and so I want a really good roof, and although I hear Metal is a good way to go, It’s not in the budget ($ 18,000. was one quote)(still getting quotes) I hear that these roofing systems (GAF or Thunder Guard)will lower my Home Owners Insurance but can’t find anything really about them. Whats your thoughts?


You are referring to marketing gimmicks.


Buy a good shingle such as Owens Corning Duration, Tamko Heritage or Atlas Pinnacle Pristine. Some insurance Companies will give a discount for 30 year laminated shingles installed versus 3 tab. GAF is the best at all the marketing gimmicks, but their products, not so much IMHO.


I think you are referring to a class 4 shingle. Hail resistant.


No, I’m not. Some, read that, some insurance companies will give a discount for having a 30 year dimensional vs 3 tab.


The discount I believe he is referring to is for sbs / impact resistant shingles. Haven’t had any experience with them in my market, have seen some samples but haven’t heard of anyone stocking or installing them.


Malarkeys are all impact resistant, even the least expensive line.


I was talking to homeowner, yes farmers will give a discount for new roof…