What would you put over an aluminum mobile home roof?

Mobile home has lots of leaks.

Lady wanted to do it her self.

What would you suggest? Self-adhesive mineral cap sheet? EPDM?


Brian Hunt

Don’t they have coatings specifically for mobile homes?

Other than that, I can’t imagine anything else but a mineral surfaced SBS product.

Do it herself?

Wow…reminds me of the guy who tried to save $45. by cleaning his own gutters, fell from 10’ and broke his spine and neck…he’s now paralyzed…all for the sake of saving $45. :frowning:

Most mobile homes are flimsy as it is, walking on them if she has had leaks for a while could be quite dangerous, anyone getting ontop might be falling into the living room, if it too far gone to use aluminum roof coating which is normal for mobile homes, she might be in need for getting the whole top wood and all replaced. whatever you do be careful those things are not made like a house and if its old then who knows what all has been done to it.


Call the guys at Karnak for coatings. Hell you could just primer the thing and hit it with peel and stick if money is that tight.

I put nailers and 3"iso on a few with fully adh epdm.
They are real flimsy before but after screwing the iso to the little steel rafters its solid.

IMO you need to put down a solid deck.I’ve done many of these where we screwed down plywood,nailed down base,mid-ply then capsheet(SBS-torch-on)

i do about 60 of them a year…mech. fastened .060 epdm

I don’t think the “lady” will be screwing down plywood or using a torch…

I don’t think she will be doing any of these systems,except maybe a painted on coating.Which are useless (IMO)

I would use a coating system, such as Astec Coatings. its a great product and easy,I would even back it up with a five year no leak warrenty.

Coatings are an excellent product IF the coater knows what he is doing and does it right. 10yr warranty no problem.

Mobile home has lots of leaks. was the first thing that caught my eye meaning its probably been leaking for a loooong time holes and such might be too much for coatings, the coatings I have used are usually only going to go on something that is not in that bad of shape in the first place. Coatings are great but they can only do so much with what you have to work with, Agreed?


Rubbah “EPDM” or maybee GAF top coat

Geocel sells an excellent 30 year coating 2315 LRF. brushable and work really well used it for a mobile home. not sure what shape yours is in.

I think an Inland Coating ( RC-2000 ) would work nicely.
Inland Coating ( RC-2200 a little thicker than the RC- 2000 )

Both Great products.



I think that coatings are for preventative maintenance.
I use the example a lot that if you have holes in your drywall can you just paint over them?
If the roof leaks than theres holes in the metal and coatings wont work for long.
Plus why re coat every few years when a membrane is basically maintenance free?