What would you do?

If you hired a guy who said he was experienced.and ended up knowing nothing.

Adopt him as my own.

What are you gonna do?

If I were you, I would fire myself for not checking up on his references.

Then, I would hire myself back, but in the mean-time write a new policy about hiring people.

What does he know?

He may just be an eager worker who needs to be trained, but at a much lower wage.


What did you offer to start his or her pay at? That is really the main question.

I have no problem telling workers what they are worth to my company.

Sounds like a “go get er”, is he worth the hassle?

If he is worth training then keep him but at a lower rate of pay. If he is not tell him to have a nice day and goodbye.

every one you will ever interview will"know everything" . 99% are full of chit. hire them all at $x per hour and tell them to show you the work and you will show them the pay!

I went through 6 of those this week, had to work the last two days by my self. A 2 story 12/12 will weed them out quick. :twisted:

Lean 2 of 2" x 4"s against a wall and nail 2 sheets of plywood to it.

When they apply, give tell them to start a book to get the shingle started.

Leave a piece of Gutter Apron, ODE Drip Edge, I & W Shield, Felt Paper, slap staples and 1 1/4 nails and a chalk line for them and see if they look dumbfounded.

Also, use the Certainteed MSA Manual and pick out 10-20 moderate questions to see what knowledge they have.


love to teach.