What would you charge in yer area?


im doing a 5:12 easy walker ranch in pittsburgh area its a little less than 24 square,shingles are 80 dollars a square for what he wants, i gotta tear the old wood off with just 1 layer of shingles on top of it, replace all of it with osb, ill use i&w shield, 30 weight paper, put new shingles on and cover existing vents and put a ridge vent up. and ill rent a big dumpster.
how would you charge for this one?i been roofing a good while now and im new to this end of the job and want to be fair on price and give a quality job but dont wanna make too little either


i’m at 6,365 with out the ply wood coming off or new going on. can you use osb on the rafters with nothing under it? i have only used it on top of clap board?


Im at about $9120 with the OSB. And OSB should meet code in your area. Make sure you use plywood clips and ring shank nails on the deck!!!


im right at $10,000, with everything u mentioned.


At least 7500.00 That is 300.00 per sq. and I was getting that last summer, before the increases. I still here of guys doing that same job for less though…


I’m right about 7500 or so too. With the wood replacement and all. I would think you can get slightly more in PA though? And I don’t use plywood clips unless rafters are greater than 16" on center, which usually is only with trusses. And just for the record I hate trusses 24" on center.


trusses 24" on center are the norm here.


$7,600 to $8,100 would work for our guys.

contractorsusa.info/roofing- … actor.html


Heres a random question… at those prices can you even make money?


i think im gonna go 8000 im figuring the cost of mat alone is close to 4000 not including dumpster because i got a good friend that does tree removal and has offered to loan me a dump truck but i would have to figure where to dump it. and i dont mean a 2am dump off some randon hillside either haha so i gotta decide between those options yet - at that price though after all the material and labor costs there isnt a whole lot left.
maybe i should go a lil higher theres guys around here figuring 350 a sq and that would be 8400 without the replacing wood and then 40-50 per sheet of osb and at 70 sheets thats another 2800-3500 -that would be a 12000dollar bid


$11,645 for the total job…now my kids can eat this week!


no kidding.

here is how i broke it down for me:

24 sq + 15% waste/ridge/starter = 27.66 sq

im assuming at $80 a sq, thats a 30 yr arch shingle. i sell them for $230/sq on a low pitch. thats almost $6,400 for just shingles.

removing wood shake, and a layer of asphalt is another $50 a square. thats an additional $1,200

then im at $145 a sq for redeck. thats about $1400

i’m at $9,000 here… then im going to have to replace all flashings, add drip edge, I&W, and ridge vent (dont know how much ridge though). figured another $1,000 for the accessories.

at those prices, this job should profit $3500ish


i figure the ridge vent im using is 12 bucks for a 4’ section and ill need 10 sections to cover about 38’ of ridge – i prefer the look of starting my vent 4-6 caps in on both sides. but ill let that decision up to the h.o.-- bidding jobs is so much more stress than doing the roof itself -i am just learning to do this end of the job as the companys owner is 80 years old and i plan to buy the company from him being his oldest employee and foreman -right now all he does is bid jobs and ride around and collect checks and check on my work but after researching the prices of material for this job and trying to figure the estimate on one job myself i got a whole new respect for what he does day in and day out - also this particular roof is for a close family friend kinda -the homeowner grew up with and is good friends with my dads(who just passed away in 06) best friend - so i wanna give him a fair price but dont wanna do it for free --like do him a favor so to speak but im not giving him a new roof as a gift --its my birthday this week not his as far as i know haha

-thanks for all yer replies- yinz were alot of help and ill take all the responses i can get im not giving him a price and contract till thursday so any advise i can get before then is much appreciated–

i just joined this site a few weeks ago and really enjoy it here its nice to talk to fellow roofers and theres always room to learn more -nobody knows everything- some of us do things a lil differently just cause thats the way we were taught to do it when we were still wet behind the ears and its real interesting to see how we do the same thing and still differ in ways – plus im an asphalt shingler and to see and hear how some of you do the slate and metal interests me-- i love learning haha



That’s about right!!!

If you are charging less than 10k for that roof you are under paying yourself, and you need a new career.


did you just call us “yinz” ?? :o lol


well to all yinz all that dont know i am from pittsburgh hahaha


12,000 in farfield county with all those details.
Dumpster might get overweighed.
best wishes to all!!


I would be at 10,500$


Im at 12,250.00 w/ 5/8 CDX , 8 inch galv drip. I&W 6ft/ 30#/ asphalt single strip over wood shingle strip? If Im wrong about the wood shingle strip, then knock off
$2400. The 24 OC truss comment has me worried , if it’s 16 OC , and I can get to 1/2 inch OSB…then knock off another 800.00. I can dance my way all the way down to 6800.00. :stuck_out_tongue: