What the eyes cannot see under the shingles


After having found a couple of areas of dry rot underneath my recent reroof, I became concerned as to what else maybe hidden from plain view.
I cut out some areas of sheetrock, giving me a view of the underside of my reroof. Although looking for dry and expecting to see plywood I stumbled upon a gap between a roofs edge and back patio roof which sit several inches lower.
These areas are connected, or bridged, with asphalt shingles however, no plywood is present to serve as a foundation for the shingles.

Above this " bridged" area is a valley which in the past has been an area targeted for water damage. This bridged area connects the master bedroom god of f on the roof and in the wall. ( I'm hoping my rookie explanations are interpreted a accurately since it must be obvious my knowledge concerning Roofing is more than limited).  ![MVIMG_20171104_141724|374x500](upload://goPmn12k0Ksf98X1itT4hwUuk31.jpg)![MVIMG_20171104_141724|374x500](upload://goPmn12k0Ksf98X1itT4hwUuk31.jpg)


You’ll need to post pics, I don’t understand what you are trying to say.


I think she is describing a higher to lower pitch transition.