What should it cost?


Hello…I live in Pennsylvania ( small town ) and am looking to have my roofing shingles replaced.

I’m looking to go with an Owens Corning ( 3 tab ) shingle and my roofing measurements are 1350 square feet…roof pitch 1s 8/12. I’ve been receiving some outlandish estimates…making me believe that some contractors are charging far beyond what the job should actually cost.

I’ve read online that the national average cost should be between $5000 and $5500 for a roof my size and pitch. Could anyone shed some light on cost, so that people know that they are not getting charged more than the job is worth.




3-Tab shingles are now actually more expensive than architectural/dimensional shingles, at least in my market…

Without all of the roof details it is difficult to give a realistic estimate of cost but a single later tearoff with a ??? 30 year dimensional shingle (Tamko Heritage) on a simple up and over gable roof may be in $6k +/_ range…We are in the suburban Philadelphia market…

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If you are receiving numerous “outlandish” estimates it is probably the market price for the area you live. National average? We live in a huge country and I don’t know how that would ever be applicable. Get 3-4 bids from reputable contractors in your area and figure it out.

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The ‘figure it out part’ sounded kind of harsh and I didn’t mean it to. I meant to make the point that prices are different in every area.

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About 5500 here, but the local labor rates are low compared to some areas.



t wouldcost should $150. a sq labor on of cost material per$115.00 per sq



150 a sq labor under 4to 9 pitch 115a sq material



3-Tabs are just as expensive as dimensional shingles now and they can take longer to install since you have to know how to line up your key lines. You will probably get better prices with dimensional.

Squares and pitch are also not the only consideration for labor cost. If you have dormers, valleys, hips, need new gutters, have chimneys that need flashed, all of these add to the cost compared to a simple up and over.

Get 3-5 quotes from reputable companies and make your choice. Be aware that if you only want the cheapest thing possible the likelihood of getting a bad install with someone who disappears as soon as the job is over goes up.



The northeast I typically see $450 per square average with everything necessary.
End of the day won’t matter much if you can’t get any prices for that.
Google and look at local listings.
Call top 3 most respected. Go with references and who you feel comfortable with. That’s the price